Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mock. Yeah. Ing. Yeah. Bird. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Romelie has started to mock me. One might put a positive spin on it and say that she's just imitating me, but sometimes, it feels like mocking.

Take this weekend. We had another bout of stomach bug fly through the family this past weekend, which was as fun as always. But as I was sitting with my head in the toilet (days after Romelie, ahem, STARTED this problem), she comes in and starts making barfing sounds next to me, and then laughing.

Ha ha, Romelie. You are quite hilarious.

Ah well. In other news, we just did our taxes and fared a bit better than last year, so that's good. Still owe money, but less than we had planned to owe, so it's kind of like we saved money. Kind of. We are also working on some home improvement projects; I'll keep you updated on just how handy we really are vs. how handy we simply think we are...

I'll have more to share after Easter (and I'll try to get some new photos up as well), but that's all I've got for now. Check it--I got a blog entry in on a non-holiday! Good for me. Well, unless you count MC Hammer's birthday as a holiday. Which you should.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Apparently I am only writing blog entries to coincide with holidays since my last post was over a month ago on Valentine's Day. See you all on Easter...? I taught at a school today where they made an announcement to remind the students that even though it's St. Patrick's Day, school rules of keeping their hands to themselves were still in effect, and pinching would not be tolerated. I had no idea what they were talking about until someone explained to me that you apparently get pinched if you don't wear green on March 17. I don't know how I've gone 29 years without ever hearing about this before.

So...updates. Well, it's Spring in MN. There is no snow on the ground. Pretty much literally. We went from a few feet of snow to nothing in about 2 weeks. It's glorious and unheard of. So we've been relishing the good weather and spending lots of time outside again. I forgot how much I love our backyard. And sunshine. And t-shirts.

This past weekend, Romelie and I went to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! (Again.) This time, it was in Minneapolis, and we got to attend a little pre-party and meet the characters from the show. I actually thought Romelie would be a little terrified (they're a lot bigger in person than they are on the TV), but she was thrilled. She was smiling and giggling and just generally gawking. Muno (the red one recently featured in the Kia car commercials) is my new favorite because he was awesome. He was giving her little hugs and high fives and pats on the back, and he still had two shows ahead of him! And DJ Lance Rock was there (or, as Romelie says, DJ Rah), and that was just as exciting for me as it was for Romelie. Yes...I get star struck over actors on children's television programs now.

I'm finding it hard to give updates on the last month, but suffice it to say, we're doing well. Romelie can now count to 29...actually, she can count to 20-10, but she doesn't believe me when I try to explain 30. She is learning how to cut with scissors...which is apparently very exciting to a 2-year old, so I try my best to sound enthused when she shows me her paper from daycare with lots of fringes around the edges. She's also learned how to fib. I can't really call it lying, because I understand that's not how her brain works, but it's frustrating. Her big one is when she doesn't want to sleep, she says over and over again that she's poopy. And on the one hand, I know she's not. She's just trying to get me to come into her bedroom. On the other hand, on the slim chance she actually IS poopy, I can't just let her sit in it all night. So I go in. "Romelie? Are you really poopy?" "Yes." "If I check your diaper, am I going to find poopy?" "Yes." I check diaper. No poopy. Then we have a "talk" about fibbing and how it's not nice. And then she does it again some other night.

Honestly, though it's been over a month, there's not much else I have to share at this time. I promise I will have more updates soon, but for now I'm off to drink a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. Oh yeah...I party hard.