Friday, April 23, 2010


HI EVERYONE! Miss me? Yeah...first I wasn't feeling well, then I got lazy, then I wasn't feeling well, then I got even lazier...hence the longest stretch between blog entries ever. Sorry.

But on the positive side, it means lots and lots of fun pictures and stories to share!

First, I'm proud to announce we are now members of the Minnesota Zoo. Romelie had a day off from daycare, so I brought her first thing in the morning and we ended up spending almost three hours roaming around. I figured we've taken advantage of the free Museum Adventure Passes for a while now...and this way we can go anytime we like. Romelie especially liked the playroom (we'd never been in there before) where they have some animal-like costumes for the kids to wear. I think she's supposed to be an otter.

So Easter. Yup. We had Easter. We dyed eggs the night before outside in the backyard. Romelie loved dropping the eggs in the little cups and loved pulling them back out and putting them on the little tray to dry even more. We went to my dad's house for Easter lunch with the family (yummy!) and then did the official Easter egg hunt outside that evening. Romelie has been obsessed with her plastic eggs ever since.

Then my mom had a birthday. Happy birthday, mom!! I love you :)

Then Grandmommy Diane came into town! She was here for an entire week, which was fabulous. We had dinner with my dad her second night in town and I took some adorable pictures of Romelie playing with her grandmommy, her grandpa, and her dad. So very cute. I had to work for the first couple days Diane was here, but Chason was able to take time off and the weather was pretty darned amazing, so they got to have lots of fun park and backyard time.

That Saturday (we're up to April 10 now) was Chason's 30th birthday. Happy birthday, hubby. We did a backyard barbeque, Kevin and Nicole brought ice cream cake, Joe (same birthday) and his family came over...plenty of fun shenanigans.

And in the weeks since then, well...not too much craziness has happened. We work. We play with the kid. We watch Dora the Explorer every day (sigh). We bought a new kitchen from IKEA this past weekend (I'll post plenty of before and after pictures once we're going through the installation period, but that won't be for a couple of months, unfortunately). I picked up a free sandbox. Romelie moved up a clothing size (3T all the way). We get to go to Houston in just two short days and we'll be staying for a full week (yay!).


...and I'm pregnant :)

Okay, most of you already know this, but for those who don't...there's your teaser for the next blog entry. Promise not to make you wait until next month. I will, however, leave you with a video of Romelie singing some good ol' Yo Gabba. Enjoy.