Friday, January 30, 2009

Rough week

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry about all the super cute things that Romelie does that make me smile and love being a mom. Unfortunately, it hasn't been the best week. So while I still love being a mom, here’s my list of the top 3 not-cute-at-all things that Romelie does or has done lately.

1. She cries. A lot. Now I know, babies cry and toddlers cry and that’s just part of raising kids. But Romelie has never been a big crier. We’ve been lucky. So why has she suddenly become such a mess? She’s often really difficult from about 5:30-7:00 in the evening. Then she has dinner and plays happily until bedtime at 9:00. Well, we figured, why not cut down on the fussy time and put her to bed earlier? Win-win. So since Monday, we now feed her at 6:30 and put her to bed at 8:30. We thought that would equal 30 less minutes of crying. Instead, she now cries off-and-on from 5:30 until bedtime. And God forbid we should try to give her a bath during that time; she will scream and scream throughout the entire ordeal. Now I understand if she falls down or if she’s hungry or if she’s mad because we told her no, she might start crying. But honestly – I have no idea what sets her off from one moment to the next. It’s unpredictable, it’s irritating, and it makes it not fun to spend time with her. Sorry, but it’s true.

2. She BIT me. While I was breastfeeding her. Not okay. She used to bite me from time to time when she was maybe 7 or 8 months old. But I was firm and said no and stopped nursing and she’d cry and learn that there were consequences to biting and she hasn’t done it since. Plus then, she didn’t have any teeth. Well, she does now, and to my complete surprise last night while I was nursing her shortly before bedtime, she BIT me. Hard enough to draw blood. I was so mad at her because I honestly believe that she knows better and was deliberately doing something she knew wasn’t okay. I don’t know if she was mad at me or trying to get my attention or what, but it pissed me off. And believe me…it hurt.

3. She does things that scare the crap out of me. Now this, I know, is not deliberate, but it doesn’t make it any less un-cute. For example, she throws her body around when she’s excited. Which actually can be pretty cute. Except sometimes she does it while she’s sitting on the couch and she throws herself backwards without looking and Chason or I just barely catch her in time. She also continues to choke on stuff. Often what she chokes on is water. She’s been drinking water since she was 6 months old out of the exact same sippy cup, but apparently that’s not long enough because she chokes on the water maybe half the time she drinks. Sometimes it’s just a little bit going down the wrong tube and it makes her cough once or twice, but sometime she really sounds like she’s drowning and her face turns red and it takes a few seconds for her to breathe. And it’s horrible. I swear, I get a few weeks older with every meal she eats.

I’m not trying to get down on Romelie or on me and Chason – we’re still loving and protective parents and we still think Romelie’s a good kid. We continue to hear nothing but raves about her in daycare, and she’s started to do awesome things like give mini-hugs and follow very basic instructions. But just know…it’s been a very rough week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser

So I’m a big ol’ loser for even admitting this, but I’m totally addicted to this show. It’s in its fifth season, I believe. I watched season 3 and enjoyed it, but opted out the next year because I figured I didn’t need to become addicted to a reality TV show. Well, I decided to watch again this time because I, too, am eating right and working out, so I thought it would be fun to see how much weight I can lose over the course of the show. So far I’m up to 6.4 pounds! (Applause welcome.) But it’s my Tuesday night indulgence, and it’s TOTALLY worth it – the show this season is CRAZY. Seriously, if you enjoy reality television at all, you should really be watching this show.

Enough of that. You will be happy to know that the digital camera has been found. YAY! So feel free to scroll down to “A Very Barfy Christmas” to see a couple cute photos from Maryland and to check out some awesome videos as well.

I don’t have a ton of news to share. We just got through some seriously cold days here in MN – it didn’t get above zero degrees for three or four days, and most of the time the temp hovered around twenty below. It was pretty awful. It did warm up a little on Saturday, though – enough for us to take Romelie sledding for the first time! We went with Scott and Amber, my church pastors, and their daughters Kaiya and Abrea. We couldn’t stay out too long because it was still pretty nippy, but Romelie seemed to sort of enjoy herself. At least for a little while.

We also got to see our friends Ellen and Scott on Monday night now that they’re back from their year and a half spent touring the world in Up With People. It was nice to catch up with them – they’re amazing folks.

I promise to do something really fun and exciting in the next week so I have some truly captivating stories to share next time around. For now, here’s a video of Romelie playing with Julia, another girl her age that was at morning church daycare for the first time last week. Not totally exciting, but it’s what I’ve got, so enjoy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super cute things that Romelie does

Some of these are things that are only cute now because she’s just started doing them. By the time she’s two, they may not be cute; they might be annoying. But for now – adorable.

1. Sometimes she says “no” in response to a question. Whether or not she actually understands the question is really up for debate. But sometimes she goes “No no no no no no no!” And it’s just a little whiny but she’s not crying or screaming, so it’s adorable.

2. She has learned a new word: Mine. Except she doesn’t say mine, she says “my.” You take a toy away from her – “My!” You start to put her coat on her – “My!” Jen says she learned it at daycare (there are 2 and 3 year olds there, so she hears it a lot). Again, won’t be cute later, but cute right now.

3. She tries to lick Chason’s nose. It’s a game. He lies on the couch; she lies on top of him on her belly and tries to lick his nose. When he turns his face, laughs, or says “Ew,” she giggles like a madwoman.

4. She has started talking to me during breastfeeding. It goes something like this: nurse, nurse, nurse. Pause. Look up at me. “Ma?” “Yes, dear.” “Ma?” “Yes, Romelie.” Pause. “Ack begye gop.” “That’s right.” Nurse, nurse, nurse. Pause. Look up. “Ma?” And so on. Makes me giggle like a madwoman.

5. She loves Jeffy. I mean, she loves that cat. And he has a reasonable amount of tolerance for her. So when he’s sitting on the couch, I pick her up and sit her next to him. She giggles, then she hugs him, then she throws her entire body on top of him and snuggles. I feel a little bad for the cat, but it’s just too darned sweet. And it’s better than what she used to do, which is pull his hair.

6. She dances. Grandpa Dan got her a toy for Christmas that is a combination piano, ball drop with sound effects, and book with singing. Okay, that’s a terrible description and I’m sure you’re very confused; suffice it to say, she loves it. Well, when you turn the book one way, it plays a short instrumental song. When you turn it the other way, it plays one of two songs with a woman singing about bedtime or dancing. She has figured out that if she turns it one way and then quickly turns it back the other way, she can just listen to the singing over and over – so that’s what she does. And as soon as the singing starts, she looks up at us with a big, proud grin and starts swaying back and forth to the song. Cute, cutie patootie.

No new pictures to add; the camera is still MIA. But hopefully this blog entry has given you a few mental images to put a smile on your face today.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New year, new ring, new tooth, new pics

Boo Vikings losing in the first round of the playoffs yesterday. I don’t want to talk about it.

I need a 2009 calendar. For 2008, my boss Nate gave me this awesome calendar that he was given as a gag gift. It was called “Sweet Peas and Sugar Bears,” and it featured pictures of babies and puppies. It was so disgusting, you almost couldn’t call it cute. But I relied on that calendar to know the date every day, and without it, I keep glancing over at my blank wall (and by wall, I mean cubicle divider).

News: I re-purchased my wedding band from ShaneCo this weekend. Unfortunately, they no longer make my engagement ring setting. I was pretty disappointed, but there’s still hope – they’re going to check with their jewelers and see if they can have it special ordered. Cross your fingers. I worked a lot of extra hours to save up for this, and I do NOT want a new ring; I want what I was foolish enough to lose in the first place.

Romelie has a fourth tooth! Chason discovered it in Maryland. We didn’t even notice it coming in, which means she must have handled it like a trooper. It’s the top left tooth, not the middle one but the next one over. So now she has the bottom two middle teeth and the top two second-to-middle teeth. Which means her teeth are still pretty useless since she doesn’t have any on the top and the bottom that overlap – so no biting.

And don’t expect new photos for a while; our digital camera is MIA. Our pics from Maryland are on the camera, so if we find it, I’ll post them. In the meantime, you’ll have to content yourself with our New Year’s pictures from Crystal’s camera phone. I did make it until midnight this year, but I was away from Chason and Romelie, so even though I was with my best friends, I missed my family a lot. There’s something to be said for just kissing Chason and the baby goodnight, snuggling under the covers, and getting a good night’s sleep. Everyone welcomes in the new year in their own way.