Friday, June 18, 2010

Potty training: check!

We went to our final CTC performance in our subscription, Mulan Jr. The show was cute, and Romelie got a free photo taken before the show which turned out well considering she was pulling on the decorations and wouldn't look up more than twice.

Chason and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on May 28 (congratulations, us!). Barb, a wonderful co-worker of mine, agreed to watch Romelie at her home so we could have a grown-up night out. We went to our old neighborhood near St. Anthony Main and ate dinner at Tuggs and walked along the bridge. Very nice and relaxing...until Chason's car alarm started going off and we couldn't figure out how to make it stop. A little embarrassing, but it quieted down eventually and seems to be doing okay since then!

Saturday, May 29 was DAY ONE of potty training. I'm happy to say that after peeing in her pants first thing in the morning (on the wooden floor, luckily, so easily cleaned), she did amazingly well. The first 3-day weekend, she had maybe 5-6 accidents, and they all happened either outside when she was swimming in her pool OR they were pooping accidents. We ended up doing a sticker chart as her reward, and she's super into it. We are now on day 21 of potty training, and I'm very proud to say that she hasn't had an accident in 8 days. Woo-hoo! She still sleeps in a diaper at bedtime, but never once has she had a naptime incident, so we just let her sleep in underpants for naps. I was pretty paranoid the first few days (wouldn't let her sit on the couch without puppy pads and/or towels underneath), but now I don't worry about it at all. All I can say is...thank you, Lord, for making this lots easier than it could have been.

Other events...Uncle Paul came to town for about a week and a half! We miss him already. We actually went up to both my mom's place and to my dad's cabin for a little while, though I was only able to stay at my dad's for a few hours - Chason and I had another date, can you believe it? We went to the MN Orchestra, which was interesting. Not something I'd ever make a regular habit, but definitely worth a shot every now and again. While at my mom's, Uncle Paul became Romelie's personal entertainer. Here's a terrific video of her on a singing horse with Paul making a giant dog dance for her. As you can see...she's definitely entertained.

Then last week, honorary Aunt Crystal was in town! We did our annual high school graduation overnight party entertainment with very little sleep ordeal. Five nights in a row, baby! Impressed? At any rate, we made it through, met some cool kids, and had generally awesome times. And then...I got to just spend some time with Crystal. Which is always a good thing.

Now everyone's gone home and it's back to normal. I had a doctor's appointment and an ultrasound on Wednesday, and I now tentatively know what baby is going to come out as. (BTW, the first picture shown is from my April 14 ultrasound...the second one is from's sucking its thumb...adorable). However, they couldn't get a perfectly clear picture, so I'm doing another ultrasound in about three weeks (not to check gender, they don't really care that much one way or another about that! But they couldn't get clear pictures and measurements on a few other important things, so they'll do it later when the baby has shifted). So, we are about 97% confident that we know what the baby will be.

SPOILER ALERT! (Don't read if you want to be surprised...) It's a girl.