Thursday, May 27, 2010

Potty training time

Another month goes by. Ah well.

Chason and I are now both 30 as my birthday was a couple weeks ago. We decided to take a weeklong vacation down to Houston, which was wonderful. My camera broke on day two, so I borrowed some of Angel's pics for this blog - thank you!!

We had a lot of fun visiting family and friends. We got to see the family on Mother's Day for good fun and lots of pool time. Romelie kept trying to decide whether or not she liked the pool. On this particular day, she wouldn't go in herself, but enjoyed watching other kids (like Torin) spashing around.

We also got to see some friends while we were there (hi Crystal!) though unfortunately I had two days of horrible nausea and some barfing, so I was a bit lame in the middle and missed some stuff.

Our last full day (Friday) we went to Kemah and walked around and enjoyed the sights. The highlight was definitely watching Chason and Romelie ride the airplane ride. For some reason, their plane didn't go as high as the other kids' planes...

Our first week back was pretty low-key, just relaxing and readjusting. However, we officially start potty training on Saturday. As in, no diapers except during naps and bedtime, no going back. All in. I'm very nervous but I believe Romelie is ready. It's just going to be a bit of a stressful weekend. So, we're trying to fit in lots of fun activities now since I'm afraid it'll be harder for us to leave the house confidently for a while. We visited my cousin and her newly adopted daughter last Saturday (welcome, Masha!), and went to Chason's co-workers' home for a backyard party (though two parties in a row were apparently too much for Romelie...we didn't stay long). Yesterday we went to the zoo for an evening members-only event, which was great, because it was great weather but not crowded, so we could let Romelie run around a bit more without worrying about her ramming into folks or getting run down by a stroller. Of course, she went pretty quickly to the water play area, so we didn't see too many animals. Whatever, she had fun. Tonight we'll see our final show of the season at CTC, "Mulan Jr.," and tomorrow is Chason's and my anniversary. Because our family is all out of town that night, a co-worker has generously offered to watch Romelie at her home for the evening so we can go on an actual date. Yay! Grown up time.

In other news...that pregnancy thing I mentioned. My official due date is October 25 (Crystal and Aunt Martha's birthdays...a good day, right?). I'm about 4 months along, officially 18 weeks, 4 days. I have gained 11,000,000 pounds already (no, but seriously, about 3-ish months...yikes). I had absolutely horrible nausea from weeks 5-16, far worse than the first time around, though I actually threw up less. My most recent time throwing up was on Monday night, so I'm not completely over it still, but it's definitely way better. I just started feeling the baby kick for the first time last Tuesday, and there is definitely just one baby in there. My next apointment is on June 16, and I will also find out the sex of the baby at that time. We haven't officially told Romelie because we're waiting for that appointment so we can tell her that she's going to have a little brother or sister (specifically). I absolutely promise to get a blog entry out that very same day to tell you all, too!

For now, though, I'm going to wrap it up. I will keep everyone posted on how our first few days of potty training go. Cross your fingers for us and the kid!