Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March madness

I was watching "Lost" yesterday (we recorded it), and there was a scene where Sun, one of the characters, was in labor. They gave her some morphine, but basically, it was a natural childbirth. The doctor said she needed a c-section, but then he went, "The baby's crowning. You need to push NOW." She was screaming and grunting and pushing and it was awful to watch...and then, LITERALLY 30 seconds later - POP! Out came the baby.

Whatever, TV. That's all I have to say. Whatever.

Anyway...Romelie has her 4-month well baby visit today, so I figured I would write now, and then I would have brand new information to urge me to write another blog tomorrow rather than waiting three more weeks. So here's what's new.

Beginning of March, Romelie and I drove up to visit my mom and John (with my mom...we didn't have to make the drive on our own). She's a bit older than the last visit, so we brought her into the duck house to say hi to the ducks. The rooster crowing startled her a bit, but she seemed interested. No touching ducks yet - someday. And she went for a little ride on her fake horsey. Good times were had.

Romelie has also been back to The Bakken. On Saturday, she and I went to our school partnership Celebration Day (big free party for the schools we work with). She got to watch an Aztec dance group perform and was fascinated by all the noise and colors, so I asked one of the dancers if she would take a picture with us. She even let Romelie wear a piece of her costume that normally goes around her leg as a headdress. Can anyone say cute?

And we put together another piece of baby equipment. This is her rainforest exersaucer - seriously, I'M overstimulated by this crazy contraption. Romelie loves it (in small doses so far - she's not quite big enough to go nuts in it, so I don't want to overexpose her to it yet).

And work has finally slowed down for Chason and me, so we'll be a little less stressed in general. Couple that with the weather finally starting to improve (though it did snow a bunch last night, it's already starting to melt), and Spring is looking positive and hopeful.

That's the latest. I'll write more after Romelie's check-up.

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