Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Remember the movie "A Perfect Storm?" That movie pissed me off. Because they said at the beginning that it was based on a true story. And then (spoiler alert) everyone on board the ship dies. So the only part of the story that was true was that a ship went out, there was a big storm, and it never came back. But all the crap about them catching tons of fish and then their ice maker breaks and that's why they come back despite the storm and all the other adventures are all made up. True story, my bottom.

Well, we had our own little perfect storm this weekend (having nothing to do with my tangent above). The plan was simple. On Saturday, I had to teach in St. Cloud (about 90 minutes away in the direction of my mom and John's place, for those non-Minnesotan readers), so I figured I'd bring Romelie along. My mom could watch her while I was teaching, then we could drive the last two hours to Menahga, spend the night at the cabin, and then return to Minneapolis sometime Sunday.

Here's what REALLY happened.

Saturday night, there was a huge snowstorm in Menahga. For the record, no snow fell in Minneapolis. None. By 10:00 pm, the power had been knocked out and I was changing Romelie's diapers and feeding her by candlelight. Good times. By Sunday morning, power was back, but Romelie was sick. Fever, cough, the works. She'd been a bit fussy Saturday, but now she was sick, and I hadn't thought to bring Infant Tylenol for a 24-hour trip. So my mom had to drive 20 miles through 2 feet of snow to get medicine from Walmart. Meanwhile, the snow kept falling - we were not going to be driving back that day. I called in to my boss and left a message saying that I'd be out Monday. Romelie kept whimpering all day cause she didn't feel well and didn't know how to cough the phlegm out of her lungs - pretty pitiful to see. But I took a picture anyway.

Monday morning, snow finally stops - and the van gets stuck in the mud for an hour. I call to check my cell phone messages to learn that my boss hadn't gotten my voicemail and no one at The Bakken knows where I am. Awesome.

We finally get on the road at 3:00 and are home by 6:30. The only blessing is that Romelie sleeps the whole way home. Oh, by the's my mom's birthday. Which she spent digging a van out of the mud and driving 3-1/2 hours. Good times.

That was my series of unfortunate events. Now Romelie is mostly better, but she hasn't been sleeping well for the past 2 weeks, which means I haven't been sleeping well, which means every day I get crankier and crankier. It was totally understandable when she was sick, but now that she's mostly better - I just want her to stop waking up 3-4 times a night. Too much.

On a better note, we got to see some old friends last week - we visited CLIMB on Thursday and had lunch with Shad and James, and saw some former CLIMBers on Friday night at a coffee shop near Uptown.

Can't wait to see Gramma Diane and Great Aunt Karen tomorrow!! Be warned: it's supposed to snow this weekend. You may THINK you're leaving on Sunday...


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Audra said...

Well said.