Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vocabulary lessons

This morning, as I was getting Romelie dressed, I thought I’d try to teach her a few body parts. “Romelie, where’s your nose?” She looks at me. “Where’s your nose?” Look. I point to her nose. “There’s your nose!” She giggles. “Romelie, where’s your nose?” She points to her nose. “Yay!!”

It was so successful, I decided to try another body part. “Romelie, where’s your ear?” She points to her nose. “That’s your nose. Where’s your ear?” She looks at me. “Romelie, where’s your ear?” Look. I point to her ear. “There’s your ear!” She giggles again. “Romelie, where’s your ear?” She points to her nose. “That’s your nose. Where’s your ear?” “I don’t know.” I point to her ear. “There’s your ear!” “I don’t care.”

Swear to goodness. She said, “I don’t care.” At least she’s honest.

Romelie had a pretty good weekend. She stayed at Grandpa Dan’s house Saturday night and was pretty well behaved for him. Apparently she enjoys crawling or cruising in circles around his house or around the furniture. This pic is from the last time she stayed over – apparently it’s her 8th or 9th time rounding the chair.

She also learned a new word: duckie. My dad’s got lots of duck décor, so he took her around to different rooms where she would touch the ducks and say “duckie.” I got a very quick video of it before my camera batteries died:

So Monday morning, I brought her to her appointment with the dermatologist to look at the weird bumps on her leg. While we were waiting in the exam room to see the doctor, I showed her the picture of various loons that was on the wall. She’s point to a loon and say something, and I’d read what it said under the picture. Then she’d point to a different loon and say something, and I’d read the next caption. After five or six times, I finally realized that she was pointing to the loons and saying “duckie.” I was so excited, I certainly wasn’t going to correct her. “Yup, duckies! Good job, Romelie!” Incidentally, the dermatologist thinks the bumps were from insect bites and prescribed some kind of strong cortaid. I think that's wrong and the medication isn't going to work (we've tried OTC cortaid already), but I'm not the doctor so I'll give it a try.

She also did much better at Waterbabies this past Saturday. I brought a couple toys of her own so I never had to take them away from her. That seemed to comfort her and she enjoyed herself more and didn’t throw any tantrums. Yay. And I got a photo of her at the library playing around before Baby Storytime started. That’s all the photos I have for now; I desperately need to recharge my camera batteries.

Spring break is coming – 9 days off starting Saturday, and we fly down to Houston Monday morning. We can’t wait to see everyone. I’m crossing my fingers that Romelie takes her first real steps down in Houston – it’s only fair that the Texas relatives should get to witness an important “first” as well. See you all soon!!

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Dan said...

Duckie !!!! Romelie and I both like to keep things simple, so for us loons and ducks are both called "duckies."

Love, Dad