Monday, August 10, 2009

Then again, what do I know?

Last Sunday, Aug 2, Romelie had another allergic reaction. Except now I don't know if it's really an allergic reaction. It happened the same way the first one did, except it happened as she finished up her breakfast, which consisted of raisin muffins and yogurt - two things I'm pretty darned sure she is not allergic to. This time I didn't discover it until I wiped the food off her face and there it was. Which might indicate that her skin is simply reacting to the food that's smeared onto it - except she's had WAY messier meals with much more food sticking to more parts of her body and not had the reaction. So this time I took a picture. Actually I took a bunch of pictures (the second one doesn't show the rash as well but it's super cute). Anyone recognize this or have a theory on what's going on? I'll show the pics to her doctor, but we won't see him again until her 2-year visit, so in the meantime, I welcome theories.

Also, apparently I didn't knock on enough wood, because Mr. Pinkeye came back for a THIRD visit - though it only befriended me this time around. Thanks, butthead. I'm through being hospitable - next time I'll kick your pink butt.

Ahh, empty threats against diseases. I'm so tough.

Other news - we've gotten out some more lately. We hung out with our neighbors for National Night Out last Tuesday (and won tickets to a Twins game and a $10 gift card to Target!), we went to a St. Paul Saints game on Thursday (fun, but not as entertaining as it was when Chason worked Romelie didn't really go for it...), and we visited the Kenny neighborhood festival this weekend (honestly, how many hotdogs can/should one family eat?). Romelie also had her final music class on Sunday. I'm not signing her up for the fall - it's kind of expensive and I'll be busy on quite a few Saturdays with volleyball - but I'll definitely consider it again in the future; Romelie had lots of fun and didn't cry once.

In personal news, I'm basically done with summer camp at The Bakken; we still have two weeks to go, and I may be required to help out, but I'm done leading Science Theater. And I start volleyball on Monday! And I was dreading it, I'll be honest. It's a huge commitment in addition to my full-time job; it puts way more than his share of responsibility on Chason; and it takes me away from my family from 8:00 am - 7:30 pm (or later) five days a week plus a few Saturdays for 10 weeks. So...I talked to my boss at The Bakken and I talked to the head coach at BSM and NOW I'll be coaching the top Junior High team (instead of 9B) from 3:00-5:00 (instead of 5:00-7:00) four days a week (instead of five) plus some Saturday mornings (instead of all-day Saturdays) for only 9 weeks! I'll still have to make up hours at The Bakken to meet my full-time requirements, but I'm hoping I'll be able to do some/much of that work from home on weekends or after Romelie goes to bed. So thank you, understanding bosses, for making this much easier on me and my family and my sanity.

And finally, Romelie has started putting sentences together. Mainly two to three words long, she now regularly says "Hi dada," "I did it!" "I found it!" and "I don't know." If only she could unlearn some words like "mine." Heard that one about 50 times yesterday when we were at the church daycare, even though there was only one other kid there (in a huge room with hundreds of toys, of course they had to play with the same thing at the same time...sigh). I did manage to capture a cute moment of the two of them racing cars, though. I guess it makes up for the whining and tears.

And now some cute pictures that need no description other than this: my daughter is a pretty, pretty princess.

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