Monday, January 31, 2011

First month of resolutions success: check!

Ha! I got three blog posts in for January. Month one: done.

Now to think back on what actually happened in January...hmm. It's a blur. Well for one thing, Chason and I actually went on quite a few dates this month, which is rare for us since (a) we are homebodies, and (b) it requires enough advanced planning to request someone to babysit. But we had a few events worth braving the cold this month, and my dad was able and willing to watch the kids for all of them (thanks again, Dad!), so a dating we did go. We saw my friend James's band, The Robinson Caruso Organization, perform at their CD release show (for those who don't know James personally but were at my wedding, he sang and DJed. Check out some of his tracks here: The following week, we bowled with The Bakken folks for our New Year party (Chason and I discovered we are equally bad at bowling), and then we saw a semi-staged production of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" at the MN Orchestra. Good times. I think we will follow up all of this dating by totally staying home in February, including on Valentine's Day.

Also, I'm sure this is news to no one, but the weather in MN has been crazy sucky. Too much snow mixed with lots of painfully cold days. Romelie was actually able to play outside with her dad this weekend for the first time in over a month. I'm ready for that "early spring" groundhog prediction to come true. It has to; it's science, folks.

We were also fortunate to have my mom in town for the last week helping out while Jen's family was on vacation. Romelie seemed to enjoy staying home for a few days tearing the house apart. One bad-but-okay thing was that our basement flooded a bit on Friday (damn you, lint trap!), but that motivated me to clean the heck out of our laundry room, something we haven't done since we moved in. We now have incredibly clean, organized shelves, a more concealed litter box area, and a big open area that has been thoroughly mopped. It makes our basement look a lot less cluttered, which makes doing laundry less of a chore. Now if only all of the shelves in my linen closet would collapse, maybe that might actually get organized, too.

On to kid news! Cori just turned 3 months old yesterday. She likes sucking on her hands (not her thumb; her entire hand), grabbing and holding on to things like plastic rings, blankets, and rattles, and kicking her legs around in the air. She also is finally over her cold; she'd had crap in her lungs for about 3 weeks, but I haven't heard any coughing or raspiness for a couple of days now, so I think she's finally healthy. Of course, she wouldn't be my daughter if there wasn't something odd happening to concern me, so her new trick is not pooping. Some might argue this is a good thing, but since Romelie was always very regular with one or two poopy diapers each day, and since Cori is also a breastfed baby, and since this is a change that's only been happening in the last couple of weeks, it's very disconcerting to have a baby who only poops once or twice a week. But nothing else seems off, so I figure it's normal. Weird, but normal.

Romelie has been learning a few non-poop-related tricks of her own. She can now get undressed and dressed on her own. She puts on her winter gear (excepting snowpants) on her own, too, which makes getting the kids out the door significantly easier. She plays pretend with her toys, which is adorable to watch. She's learning our expectations, though of course she still doesn't always follow them; she's still 3, after all. She dances in an absolutely adorable way - lots of hip shaking. She makes up songs as well; behold:

Those lyrics were "Yee-haw, yap yap yap," by the way. She made sure to correct me when I sang it wrong.

And we have some fun times to look forward to. Super Bowl Sunday is coming up (though I pretty much despise both teams and don't really have anyone to root for, I'll still watch the game for the spectacle). Diane is going to be coming into town sometime in February (yay grandmommy time!). Paul is also hoping to come up for a few days. And then we are going to Houston for an extended vacation of 9 days in March. I am counting the days already.

I'll try to take more pictures for February's blogs...gotta keep that resolution going strong...

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