Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The nursery is full - hope there's room for the baby!

I spent part of this last weekend getting the nursery set up for baby. Somehow I failed to notice just how much stuff baby already has, and she’s not even here yet! To date, I (personally) have purchased the following:

** A crib – bought it used from a garage sale. It’s really nice and it came with a mattress, three sets of fitted sheets, a dust ruffle, a comforter, some toys, a boppy, and a few other miscellaneous baby items. Cost - $100.

** A changing table / dresser. Purchased off craigslist. Has a drawer, a little closet area, and two shelves for baskets, plus a big changing area. Cost - $30.

** A glider and ottoman. Purchased off craigslist. Super nice and comfortable. Cost - $140 (it’s worth it)

** A little bouncy seat. Garage sale. Our friends Joe and Jess have the exact same one and their baby loves it. Cost - $7.

** About 5-6 outfits from a garage sale. They were cute, I couldn’t resist. Cost – about $15.

In summary, I’ve purchased some essential pieces of furniture and a few little clothing items, and I've saved lots of money by buying everything gently used. I’ve also bought some child-size clothing hangers, some soft light bulbs, and a couple of children’s books (though I could argue that those are also for me). Total spent on baby so far: about $300. Not bad, I say.

Now here’s the thing – after setting up the nursery, I suddenly realized – thanks to a bunch of hand-me-downs from friends and family, some awesome gifts from friends (Ellen and Scott, loved the onesie!), and a few excited grandparents-to-be, we have ridiculous amounts of stuff for this baby. Here’s an example – we have six (6!) fleece blankets for the baby. The best part is, baby can’t even sleep with a blanket until she’s older! Hilarious.

There is no more room for furniture (which is fine – I don’t think we need anything else) and we are quickly running out of closet and dresser space for other items – and we haven’t even bought any diapers, bottles, wipes, or any of those day-to-day essentials yet! Plus I have a ton of baby clothes at my dad’s house from when my brother and I were young that I haven’t even picked up yet…

This is going to be one spoiled little baby, I can already tell.

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