Friday, October 12, 2007

Guess I can't pass every test...

So far I have passed all of my screening tests. I don’t have high blood pressure. I don’t have gestational diabetes. Baby tested really well in her first trimester screening so she’s got a great chance of being born without major health problems or defects. I guess I had to fail a test eventually, and this isn’t a terrible one to deal with or anything, but I was kind of hoping to make it through with flying colors.

Apparently I’ve tested positive for Group B Streptococcus. Which is really not a big deal. Basically, it’s a bacteria that occurs naturally in the body (I didn’t “contract” it or anything). About 25% of women have it and don’t even know it because it doesn’t have any negative side effects that doctors know about – until labor starts. Once your water breaks and during delivery, you chance passing it to your baby, which can lead to some big problems.

To put it in perspective, the chances of passing it to the baby are pretty low – only about 1 in every 100-200 babies contract the disease, and that’s without treatment. Because I tested positive for GBS, I’ll have to get an IV put in when I get to the hospital and they’ll give me an antibiotic to treat the bacteria then. With medication, the chances of passing it to the baby are about 1 in 4,000. So this is not a major cause of concern.

But still…it would have been nice to have passed this test, too.

On a happier note - the first pictures on this page ever!
While I don't look...well..."great" in these photos, it does seem important to document this 45-pound baby in my belly. So there ya go!

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