Monday, December 10, 2007

Boogers and Bottles

For those who are tracking this - Vikings are now 4-0 since Romelie was born. Three more wins and they clinch a spot in the playoffs. Go, little Romelie Viking Dancer!

It's been a pretty long and somewhat uneventful week - I must say, as cute as Romelie is, she doesn't DO very much it's tough to think of news to write. I don't think "She still eats, sleeps, and poops a lot" is particularly newsworthy information.

We did have our first outings in this last week. Last Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday we went to Target for various shopping purchases. She's pretty good at sleeping through them, so the trips have thus far been pretty chill for both of us. She also got to go to The Bakken on Tuesday and meet a lot of my co-workers, and there we got to have our first experience changing and feeding baby in public. Granted, "in public" means in the private bathroom with a lock on the door, not sitting at my desk or anything, but still - it was a new experience for both of us, and it went as well as can be expected.

We've also had our first stuffy nose - a few times. Gotta say, don't love the nasal aspirator. It's still too big for her tiny nostrils, so the only way I can actually suck the snot out of her nose is to take her in the bathroom and turn on hot water so it gets steamy. Then her nose starts to run a bit, so I can use the aspirator, but it takes a good 6-7 tries on each nostril - she does not enjoy this process one bit, and we've had to do it four times now. We bought a humidifier at one of the Target visits (yes, I say "we" as if Romelie pulled out her wallet and coughed up the $25 herself), and I'm hoping that helps the situation somewhat.

What else...we introduced the bottle on Saturday. Not so great. Romelie has a tough time with a pacifier as it is, and the bottle seemed to blow her mind a bit. It took an hour for her to eat 4 ounces of breastmilk...there was lots of frustrated crying involved, but she did it. Then I fed her a bottle yesterday (one a day, her pediatrician says, so she gets used to it by the time she has to be in daycare), and we got it down to about 40 minutes. So progress.

Other than that...more visits from Gramma Carol, Grampa Dan, and Uncle Paul...visited Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Schwantz on Friday...we got to see Aunt Crystal and her mom yesterday...and I can finally recognize one of her cries when I hear it. I recognize the cry that means "I have a wet diaper and I'm not happy about it." Which is cool. The other cries are "Pick me up, I'm bored/lonely," "Don't take off my clothes, I hate being naked," and "Stop poking and tickling me, it's jarring my system." We're working on the rest.


Anonymous said...

Helpful Hint on bottles...she may take it better from someone other than mommy of the amazing yummy boobies. Isaac would never talk a bottle from me - would fuss, and then when he was older would throw the thing across the room - but would take it fine from Andrew or from daycare people.
And don't fret about her eating at daycare, she totally will when that's the only option and when it gets contextualized. Here, I drink bottles. Home, there's Mommy.
Sounds like you're doing AWESOME! I hadn't even braved the pump at this point...
- Erika

Anonymous said...

Hmm, pre-coffee. How does one "talk" a bottle anyway?

I meant *take* a bottle.

- Erika, again