Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye, 2007!

Don't you hate it when people say "See you next year!" when they're saying goodbye at this time of year, and then laugh like it's really funny and no one's ever heard that "joke" before? So far no one has said it to me, which is good, but I've overheard it at least three times. Not funny, people...not funny year after year after year.

This is a bit odd…it’s my first New Year’s Eve in Minnesota in four years. We’ve been in Texas the last two years and Scotland the year before. This will also be my first sober New Year’s Even in five years…not that I’ve gone of the deep end on previous holidays, but tonight I will be drinking my one post-breastfeeding with food alcoholic beverage that I’m allowed, and that’ll be it for me. AND it’ll also be the first New Year’s in at least 8 years where I doubt that I’ll actually be awake at midnight. So there you are – I’m officially an adult.

Since we’re not in Texas this year, Texas has come to visit us. No, it’s not warm and sunny here (in fact, the wind chill tonight is supposed to be -15 degrees!), but Grampa Steve and Gramma Angel arrived on Saturday! Chason originally talked about taking them sledding, but instead they went to Lake Harriet (a mile from our house) and walked across the frozen lake, then went to Minnehaha Falls to check out the frozen waterfalls. Romelie and I stayed home for this excursion – we could bundle her up so her body was nice and warm, but it’s just not good for her to breathe in that cold air for too long, especially since her nose is stuffy half the time already – and enjoyed the nice warm central heating.

Oh, and James and Erin came by on Sunday to visit and to meet Romelie, and I totally forgot to take a picture! I’ve started documenting her visitors by taking photos, and I dropped the ball. Boo. But we had a nice visit (just like with Ellen and Scott, she slept the entire time they were here!!), and I’ll be sure to get them next time.

My six-week checkup visit with Dr. Mitchell is Wednesday morning – I’ll let everyone know how it goes. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!

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