Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby's First Epidemic

I've decided there's nothing sadder than a baby throwing up.

Romelie got sick for the first time last Sunday (1/20). We were watching football as a family (Romelie was cheering for the Giants as she, too, despises the Packers. Ask her, she'll tell you), and she did something that looked like spitting up, but with more substance. So we changed her clothes and didn't worry. Well, then she lost it all over herself and her dad - I mean, ALL over. She ended up throwing up three more times between Sunday night and Monday morning/afternoon. It was so sad, cause she didn't cry or anything - she just got exhausted by it. Sad mom.

The good news is, the barf-bug only lasted 24 hours. The bad news - that was just long enough for her to pass it on to Chason (who, I'm sorry to say, lost it on the way to the bathroom at about 3:30 in the morning on Tuesday) and to me (lost it just before midnight Tuesday night). You'd think with my 8 weeks of constant barfing during pregnancy would have gotten me used to it - nope, still would rather feel sick in any other way besides stomach flu. Yuck. My FlyLady system was a bit neglected for a few days there - though I did still manage to make my bed in the morning!

We're all better now, and the rest of the kids in her daycare are healthy so far (one of them had it about a week before Romelie got it, but apparently once you've been exposed, it can take anywhere from 1-14 days to show up...) so hopefully it's gone and won't return. Ever. For the rest of her life. That's realistic, right?

I've been a bit neglectful with my camera lately, but I did manage to take a video of her about 2 hours before her first barfing episode. Listen closely and you'll hear her pass some gas. My daughter, the charmer.


Carrie said...

Oh, dear! Hope you are all feeling better!

Molly said...

Can something be so incredibly cute that it makes you throw up? Because if so, THAT VIDEO IS. I think I broke my computer screen trying to rub Romelie's belly.

Mom said...

As your mommy I can assure you
that she will NEVER again

I can also assure you that she
won't continue to get bigger
and older and cuter and smarter.
She will just stay your little
baby girl.

I can also assure you that someday
she WILL win the lottery.

After all that's what Mom's are
for, right? Reassurance...

So when she DOES get sick again, continues to get older and does NOT win the lottery, I'll be here God willing to reassure you both!