Friday, May 9, 2008

Florida Fun!

Oh, it's been ages. Ages since I've written. Sorry.

The biggest news (a bit old now) is that Romelie and I went to Orlando! Yup, we went down to visit with my mom, who was there on vacation, and my brother, who was there for my cousin's wedding which I was unable to attend. My dad was down in FL, too, though we were at different times, so it was a big ol' Florida party.

Romelie had a lot of fun. She went swimming for the very first time, and she got to experience warm weather and actually spend time outside for once! She's still too young for sunscreen, so we had to keep her in the shade all the time, but it was still good for her to get outside. We went to Busch Gardens and Sea World - she really enjoyed the animal shows. We also went to Daytona Beach for a day and she got to play in the sand - not in the ocean, though...way too many waves, mom's not that coordinated to begin with. As you can imagine, Romelie did get a bit exhausted from all the partying. So she slept in some pretty odd places during the trip :)

Since we've been back (we were down a couple weeks ago and came back 4/24), we've had some other fun events. We attended the wedding of our friends and former roommates Kevin and Nicole - very beautiful wedding, lots of fun, adorable couple. Chason was a groomsman for the event, and he looked very handsome in his tux. Crystal got to be on baby duty for a couple nights in a row (both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding) but Romelie was apparently fairly well-behaved. So that was a relief. And I had a couple of beers for the first time in over a year! To be fair, I've had a beer here and there since Romelie was born, but never more than one - not allowed, unless you're not going to be breasfeeding for a while. So that was new.

What else - Romelie moved up a diaper size - she's now wearing size 3's. She's so big! And she's just as smart as ever - her favorite things to do are spit, pull hair, and stick her toes in her mouth. Good times.

Her 6-month checkup is on Monday, so I promise to update soon with the vital stats. Happy upcoming mom's day!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Miss you! -Kristin