Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who's a big girl?

Romelie had her 6-month check up yesterday and she is…drum roll, please…17 lbs 8 oz! Still 28 inches long (she may have grown a quarter inch or so), but 17.5 pounds…whoofda. So last night, she officially made the move to her big girl bed. No longer in her bassinet (which only is good up to 18 pounds), last night was her very first night sleeping in her crib. She apparently didn’t care, as she slept just fine. Of course, that means that I’m now trying to put a new system of organization into place in her room because we’ve just lost out on two major storage places – under the bassinet, where her toys were stored, and inside the crib, where blankets, snuglis, big stuffed animals, hats and mittens, childproofing devices, her car seat, and any random items that didn’t have a place to go were stored. I’ll be heading to good ol’ Target in the next few days, and I’ll be sure to post pictures once I get everything fixed up.

Also learned something new about Romelie yesterday – she has a heart murmur. Dr. Mitchell didn’t seem too concerned (we don’t have to give her antibiotics or go to a specialist or anything yet), but it’s there. Sigh. Since I wasn’t told to worry, I’m going to choose not to for the moment until I hear otherwise.

And we tried a new food last night – sweet potatoes. Yummy. She ate an entire ounce and was still hungry, so I gave her some rice cereal. We’ll stick with this for a few days to make sure she tolerates it well, and then we move on to either acorn squash or pears – whichever one I decide to make first (probably pears). Making baby food is super fun, by the way – and healthier and cheaper. That’s my mommy motto – healthy and cheap.

I haven’t taken any pics since Florida, but look for more updates soon!

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