Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cake walks and army crawling

Romelie crawls! Okay, well, she doesn't crawl, but she army crawls. She started Thursday night, just pushing herself around with her toes. Well, Friday at day care, she was apparently army crawling all over the place, and she continues to hone her skills today. She's becoming pretty good at it - check out the video of her crawling earlier today.

We got out some this week. Tuesday was our neighborhood carnival/party thing, so we went to check it out. We bought tickets for hot dogs but they were all sold out so we used our tickets to do the cake walk. Like, three times. No luck, unfortunately, but a good first cake walk experience.

Tomorrow night we're going to my dad's house to meet Great Uncle Bill and his family. They moved to Florida last summer and haven't met Romelie yet, so hopefully she'll put on her cute face. For those still uncertain, here are a few examples of what her cute face looks like:

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