Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm 29 and I'm feelin' fine

So much for writing more often. We all knew it wouldn't happen.

Since the last time I wrote, I've celebrated a birthday and a Mother's Day. Happy weekend to me! For my birthday, Chason took us to the MN Zoo. The last time we went there, it was the middle of winter and icy freezy ridiculously cold outside. This time, it was in the 50's, so still a little cold but not quite so ridiculous. We got to explore more of the exhibits this time and we saw all of the outdoor animals. Romelie had fun feeding the goats (aka doggies) and eating oh-so-healthy hot dogs and French fries for lunch. My mom was in town, so Chason and I were able to go out (!) that evening, and then for Mother's Day we spend the afternoon together and then Romelie and I went to my Grandma Hurley's home and spent some time with my dad and uncles.

Oh, and for my birthday, I got an ice-mold from my friend Lauren that makes ice glasses. Here is me drinking cheap wine from one such ice glass. Classy, I know. I also got a new and improved digital camera from my mom. So expect the photos and especially the videos on this blog to improve in soon as I figure out how the damn thing works. Stupid technology.

One big change that also occurred that weekend: Romelie has officially been weaned. Friday night she didn't want to nurse, which wasn't all that unusual - she really only nursed every other night towards the end. But she ALWAYS nursed in the mornings...until Saturday morning (my birthday). Straight-up refused to nurse. Got mad about it, even. So I though, okay...I'm going out tonight, which means I'd have to nurse her early, and she probably won't go for that, which means by the time I nurse next, it'll have been 2 days. And though I was sad to stop this ritual that I've mostly enjoyed, it just seemed like it was time. So that's it. Now I have to get her a bottle of milk every morning instead, which is a big ol' pain in the butt since then I have to wash the bottle whereas before there were no extra dishes involved. But she's happy and doesn't seem to miss nursing, and I'm happy enough and will hopefully get to do this again someday.

Romelie has her 18-month check-up this afternoon, so I'll try to post the results from that visit soon. She's had a cough for the past 10 days or so, and her walking is coming along but not totally there yet. I did just get a call from Jen, though - apparently she's walking all around the room today! Like, not cruising, not holding on to anything, but actually walking back and forth. She spent Saturday night at Grandpa Dan's and they did a lot of walking around the house together, and we've been doing a lot of hand-held walking around outside this past week, so maybe she's finally going to master this skill. I'll keep you posted.

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