Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Must. Write. More. Often.

ANNOUNCEMENT: For those who have not yet heard…one week ago today, I made a very exciting discovery. Lo and behold, I have found…my WEDDING RING! (Insert fanfare, loud music with trumpets and such, and various cheering sounds here.) Where on earth has it been hiding for the last 20 months?

In my lingerie drawer.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen (and sorry, Dad and in-laws for the too-much-information…), it was in the bottom of my dresser drawer containing my “fancy” undergarments that don’t get worn too often (obviously).

The good news is that I’ve found my wedding ring! The bad news is I already re-purchased the wedding band back in January and I can’t return it. But the other good news, as you may recall from previous blog entries, is that Shane Company no longer makes my engagement ring, so I wasn’t able to re-purchase that (as I had intended). Instead I put that money into our savings account and earmarked it for a “someday I’ll buy myself a ring to replace the one I lost” future purchase. Now that money has no plans. It’s just extra money in our savings! Which is probably where it will stay unless or until we need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Let’s see, other news. Last Thursday Chason, Romelie and I met with the Wollers (my church pastors) at their home to discuss a dedication ceremony for Romelie. For those unfamiliar with what that means (as I was), it’s similar to a baptism, but there’s no water involved. According to the Assemblies of God website, “In dedicating their child, the parents acknowledge the child as a gift from God and vow before Him and the congregation to set a godly example for the child and a commitment to lead the child to Christ at an early age.” So we’re doing that on Sunday, June 7 at the 5:30 pm service at Corner Church. All are welcome to come and witness (Crystal will be in town!). Informal dress. Nice people. Some singing.

And we had a pretty fun Saturday this past weekend. Romelie and I went to swim lessons, and then we drove to St. Paul for the Festival of Nations. We watched some performers from Greece and India and ate some Colombian food (arepa and empanadas), some African American food (sweet potato pie), and some Cambodian drink (mango bubble tea – strange but delicious!). Then, since I had already paid $10 to park, we headed across the street to the Science Museum of MN. We played with sound waves and watched a show about water and colored a picture of parts of a brain. Good times. Saturday night, I went with my friend Darcy to Eastview High School’s annual musical review, “Bravo!” I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about EVHS in the past, but they are amazing. I’ve been to Bravo! every year since 2004, and I’ve never seen so much talent at a high school. This is a video I took of a NINTH GRADER playing the violin. Ninth grader. Ridiculous.

Finally, these pictures don’t really fit in anywhere else in the blog but they’re worth sharing. The first is Romelie enjoying her new outdoor toys; the second is her carbing up on some very messy ravioli. Oh, and I almost forgot – our precious girl has been rising with the sun lately. Which means she’s up by 6:00 am. So yesterday we bought some blackout curtains for her room. It kind of worked. She woke up at 5:00 am instead. I managed to nurse her back to sleep, though, and then she slept until 7:30, so hopefully the early morning was a fluke and 7:30 will become the norm. I hope, I hope.

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