Friday, September 4, 2009

Who has two thumbs and hates allergies? This guy.

Remember how I said I hate mosquitoes? I really hate mosquitoes. So after last Monday's post about our trip to Urgent Care for Romelie's eye, Romelie was bit by another mosquito on Wednesday. This time, it was an inch away from her OTHER eye. By Thursday night, it looked like she had a black eye. By Friday morning it looked like this. By this point, we'd been giving her children's Benadryl for 24 hours and instead of getting better, the reaction was getting worse. So we had a SECOND trip to Urgent Care. The verdict? Just give her more Benadryl.


She also got a bug bite on the back of her calf over the weekend that made her left leg hard, red, hot to the touch, and twice the size of her right leg. But again, it didn't seem to bother her, other than itching a bit, so we just did cold packs and maybe one or two doses of Benadryl. But I'm not just going to keep pumping the kid full of antihistamines until they really really don't work when we need them to. Sonali, my boss Nate's wife, is a fourth year medical student. I just send all my questions to her these days via Nate. Much more helpful.

Other news…last Friday, Chason’s company had an 80’s themed picnic. Chason went as Magnum P.I. I went as a generic 80’s girl. And Romelie actually managed to dress from head-to-toe in authentic early-80’s clothing once belonging to her uncle Paul and me. We are one tubular family. Rad. Then Romelie and I went up to see my mom and John for the weekend. I was feeling pretty sick on Saturday, so I did lots of sleeping, but as always, Romelie had fun playing with the animals and grandparents. I managed to get a pretty cute picture of her on Sunday after lunch, pre-nap. So cute when she’s sleepy.

Chason made a discovery a couple days ago: apparently our kid knows how to give thumbs-up. Classic. She’s also mastered the number seven, and can count up to eleven fairly consistently. She doesn’t string lots of words together into actual sentences, though she does have a good number of phrases – this morning, she busted out “Wha’ happened?” and I giggled for about a minute. Some new(er) words she’s used lately: moon, worm, bite, towel, wash, sky, fruit, and bounce. She also knows the names of all the kids in her daycare, all the characters from Winnie the Pooh (except Christopher Robin…but that’s a lot of syllables), and most of her colors.

I think that deserves a thumbs-up. Don’t you?

Nanny Angel and Papa Steve arrive tonight! They’re here until Monday and the weather is supposed to be fabulous, so hopefully we’ll be able to spend lots of time outdoors. No solid plans yet for what we’re going to do, but I’ll do my best to take lots of pictures!

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