Friday, October 16, 2009

...and now, welcome winter!

Apparently we skipped fall in MN. Actually, we didn't skip it; it lasted two weeks and it rained the entire time. Just as a quick reminder, go ahead and scroll down two posts. Take a look at the pictures of Romelie playing outside in the water fountains at the zoo. That was September 6. Labor Day weekend. She's outside, shirtless, soaking wet, and having a great time.

This was Saturday, October 10:

Now, the snow melted by the afternoon. But it snowed again Monday (most of the day, actually). That snow has also since melted. But it's supposed to snow again this weekend. are one cruel bastard.

On to other news. Let's see...Romelie has a new favorite song. It's "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." She likes for you to sing it over and over again. I did it in the car the entire way home from church last weekend to keep her happy. That's a lot of repetition. She can also basically sing the song herself. She doesn't get all the words out, and she stops halfway through, but it sounds something like "Tinkle, star, How-I wonda...are. Up" And she seems to understand the melody, too.

She also had a couple of coloring incidents. Since the snow, we moved her little play table inside and it's become a coloring table in the basement. Well, on Saturday she was coloring in her book and apparently thought to herself, "You know what would be even more fun to color on? Me!" So she did. She was, by the way, wearing a shirt. She actually pulled her shirt up to color on her belly.

Of course, after her success at coloring all over herself, she must have decided that she couldn't be restricted to coloring just on paper. So she colored on our dresser. Unfortunately, and this is entirely my fault, she did so with a black permanent marker which I had stupidly left within her reach. So now Chason's underwear drawer is a little scribblier.

In other news...last night, we went to see "Bert and Ernie, Goodnight!" at the Children's Theatre again. I got 4 free tickets through a free theater promotion, so Chason, Romelie, my mom and I went to the show. Romelie started off a little strange (she got scared when we walked in the theater and wanted to leave), but once the show started, she was good to go. I think we're just going to relax at home tonight, because tomorrow we're going to the Shrine Circus! I haven't been to the circus since I was a kid. Hope Romelie likes it.

Two weeks left of volleyball. I haven't talked about the season too much in this blog, but if you want to see how awesome my team is, check out our season so far: I'm pretty proud of them. I'm also ready to be done in two weeks. Also two more weeks until Halloween! Less than three weeks and we'll be in Houston! And Romelie's 2nd birthday is one month from today! Exclamation points are awesome!!

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