Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome Fall!

Sorry for the delayed update. I'm blaming working three jobs. Trump that.

We'll just try to go in chronological order. Indianapolis was fun. We re-wrote a script, ate at some local downtown restaurants, and played in the museum. Here's a picture of my boss playing on a toy truck. My boss is awesome. The Bakken education dept also went on a field trip to Cummins, where my dad works, to get a tour and learn a little about the company. It was fun, we got a cool idea for how to use a generator in our new energy play, and I got to introduce everyone to my dad and vice versa (and feel all proud). I had one of my co-workers take a picture because I'm immature.

Romelie and my mom and I took a trip to Chuck E Cheese. It was our second time there, and Romelie seemed to have a lot more fun this time. She even earned herself a few tickets and got some stickers. There's a machine where you can get a picture "drawn" of you. Here's a quick comparison of our picture from February to our picture from September:

We also had a chance to visit with my Grandma and Grandpa Schwantz, and Romelie was mostly good...until we tried to take pictures of her with them. Pretend she's smiling in these pictures, though, and they suddenly become lots cuter:

Last weekend we took Romelie to the zoo again. She remembered the water park area, so that's where we spent a good 20 minutes. It was really nice outside, which was lovely. Unfortunately, it looks like we've seen the last of the nice weather because it has been cold and rainy for the past week. We had to turn on our heat on the first day of October. Ah Minnesota. You are a cold hearted beast.

Other general Romelie news...she has started singing. She attempts to sing her ABC's (though she misses most of the letters), she sings a couple of the words of Winnie the Pooh, and this morning she was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the way home from church. Actually, she was just singing twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle over and over again, but she was doing it to the right tune. Close enough. She also has number recognition for numbers 1-9 and letter recognition for about 9-10 letters. She knows 4-5 shapes, most of her colors, and she's learned how to take off her footie-pajamas at night (which involves unzipping them all the way and then pulling them off). As long as she doesn't figure out how to take off her diaper...I'm okay with this.

We've got a couple of play dates coming up. Like, actually going to see some plays. We got free tickets to see "Bert and Ernie Goodnight!" again at the Children's Theatre, and we're seeing "I Like Me" at Stages where we saw "Wizard of Oz" a few months back. She's done great so far, so hopefully she'll continue to be entertained and happy during the performances.

I could write more (there was a lovely incident where I took away her ice cream because she wouldn't share even though we'd already talked about how she could only have it if she would share and then she screamed for 20 minutes...), but instead I'll leave you with this cute video from the zoo.

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