Monday, November 30, 2009

Rah ah, ooh la la

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We had a lovely Thanksgiving with my dad’s family. My dad cooked and sent us home with lots of leftover, which we managed to make last through most of the weekend. I did not remember to take pictures until the very end, but I did get one of Romelie sitting on my bed reading some books and one of Chase, my cousin Brandon’s son, toddling around. He just turned one around the same time Romelie turned two, but he’s walking like a pro.

My dad kept Romelie overnight on Thanksgiving (thanks again, Dad!), so I got to sleep in and then head to Target and Best Buy for some awesome Black Friday deals without the crazy 5 am rush line. I got a bag of Legolos for Romelie for $10, a cheapie DVD player for upstairs, and a fancy, brand-spankin’ new phone. It’s a Samsung Instinct, basically Sprint’s equivalent of an iPhone, and it’s awesome. And because of Black Friday (and me renewing my contract for another 2 years, which I would have done anyway), I got this $600 phone for free, plus some other random accessories that I will never use – such as a Bluetooth. I have since downloaded “Wheel of Fortune,” “Carmen Sandiego,” and “Oregon Trail.” Who picks nerdy apps for her fancy phone? This gal. But Crystal told me about a website ( where you can create awesome ringtones from mp3 files, so I now get to hear the opening of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” when anyone calls me. For those who haven’t heard the song, it goes something like this:

Roma Roma-ma
GaGa ooh la la
Want your bad romance

Trust me…it’s awesome.

Finally, yesterday at morning church Romelie and Linus, a boy a few months older than her, were the only two kids in the daycare for the first hour or so. They were playing really well together and laughing, and then Romelie went over to the pack-and-play we have and wanted to (pretend to) go night-night. After I put her in, Linus came over and wanted to (pretend to) go night-night, too. The crib isn’t super big, and Romelie has a tendency to cry when kids at the daycare breathe too close to her, let alone share an enclosed space. But I scootched her over and laid Linus down…and they just hung out in there for about 5 minutes. They would fake snore, then one would make a funny noises to “wake” the other, and then they’d both giggle their heads off. It was adorable.

Go Vikes! 10-1-0, baby. Suck it, Packers.

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Crystacular said...

I think I want the Shake the Sillies Out as my ringer. Make it happen.