Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Romelie is two years old!

Happy birthday, kiddo! Okay, so her actual birthday was last week, but still worth a big bloggy celebration, don’t you think?

For Romelie’s birthday, we went to the Mall of America. Romelie has only been there once before, and it was to get her picture taken with Santa. I figured we could get that taken care of before Thanksgiving and it wouldn’t be so crazy busy. And I was right. Check out the super duper cuteness.

After pictures, Chason, my mom and I took Romelie to dinner at Bubba Gumps (it was convenient) and then down to Nickelodeon Universe. Apparently if you go on your birthday, you can get an unlimited ride wristband for free. Which is what we did. It was not crowded at all, being a Monday night, but it was pretty late, so we only went on three rides. Romelie rode on the merry go round with me, on a train ride with Gramma Carol, and then on her first (kiddie) roller coaster with her dad! She thought it was great the first three times around the track…then cried the last 4. Ah, well. She half-enjoyed it.

We also visited the doctor on her birthday for her 2-year well-kid check up. She’s healthy, growth is right on target (38” tall!!!), and no red flags. In light of her turning two and no longer needing to drink as much milk, we have also officially said bye-bye to the bottle. It’s all sippy cups from here. Romelie had already stopped using bottles at day care, so the transition didn’t seem to disrupt her too much. And because she’s drinking less milk, we’re letting her eat more yogurt and cottage cheese, which she loves but didn’t really need before. Everyone wins.

In other news…we had a big rake-a-thon a couple weekends ago. Romelie helped. The weather has been relatively warm the last week, so we’ve been able to play outside, which has been a relief for everyone.

Also, I made Romelie a t-shirt! There isn’t a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba merchandise out there, and she love the show so much, I wanted to get her a shirt to wear. So I bought some fabric markers and a plain white long sleeved shirt, and I did some old fashioned tracing and coloring. She seemed excited about her shirt, and I wanted to take a bunch of pictures of her wearing it before I wash it. It’s supposed to be water-proof, but just in case…

Going to my dad’s for Thanksgiving this year, and then he’s keeping Romelie for the night so I can (possibly) check out some Black Friday sales. Wish me luck!

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Molly said...

Happy Birthday Romelie! And nice job with the shirt, Danni, that looks awesome!