Monday, May 23, 2011

Haven't done a "top ten" style blog in a while...

So here goes.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Haven't Updated This Blog in a Month:

10. I kept trying to write that last "Happy Easter" blog and then losing everything I had written. I couldn't write the next entry until I finished and published the last entry, and I just finished the last entry officially today. Poop on technology. (And I wonder why Romelie thinks the word "poop" is so darned funny...)

9. Illness. I got a case of the barfs the Friday before my birthday and have had a cold and sinus issues since then, and now Chason's got it, too. Romelie got sick this time last week with what seemed like a cold until she spiked a 104 degree fever last Tuesday and complained that her tummy hurt. Chason took her into the doctor and the poor kid has a UTI. What 3 year old gets a UTI? They figured it was a wiping issue (Romelie has tried a few times to wipe herself after pooing and it's not a pretty picture). So now she's on medicine for that. Then Thursday we made a trip to the emergency room because she had a couple of blood spots on her face and neck and the doc I spoke with on the phone thought all her weird symptoms combined might mean something more serious was going on. Turns out...nope. At least not according to the emergency room doctor. Darned expensive diagnosis, if you ask me.

8. My birthday! After recovering from my barfiness, I got a wonderful birthday present in the form of my BFF Crystal! She and Chason conspired to get her to MN for a couple of days to coincide with my birthday. Pretty amazing present. I got to spend time with her and Lauren, which was great. Yay for friends and sweet husbands!

7. Events 'n' stuff. We've been keeping busy. We went to baby storytime at the library. We went to a preschool class at the zoo all about baby animals and their moms for Mother's Day. Chason and I went to the Vikings draft party. We took the girls to see some friends, Ellen and Scott, and their new baby Margo who is only a month or so younger than Cori. We still go to music class every Tuesday evening (last class tomorrow night!). I have boot camp at the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays and church choir on Wednesday nights. I've also had to work a couple of evenings. Who knew free time could fill up so quickly?

6. Home maintainence and improvement. Chason has been planting and caring for an herb and veggie garden and fixing up our landscaping. I have been trying desperately not to fall behind on keeping our house clean (I'm afraid I'm losing that battle). Romelie's toys are newly organized as of Saturday (a place for everything and everything in its place, as they say!), and we're hoping to encourage her to work on picking up after herself a little better. And then we have little home fix up projects here and there that we get to when we have the time and feel the motivation. Next up...finishing the kitchen! (Yes, it's been almost a year and our kitchen is not done yet. Shut up.)

5. Cori's sleep schedule...or lack thereof. The funny thing is, she does have a sleep schedule. She just changes it every week or so. For one week, she'll sleep through the night consistently. The next week, she wakes up twice - once around 1:00 am and once around 4:30 am. The next week, she wakes up consistently every 2 hours starting around 11:30 pm. Sleep deprived momma's don't spend lots of time writing blogs.

4. Lack of photos. I know I can post a blog entry without photos, but photos make everything more fun, and I've been doing a lousy job of taking them. As always...I'll work on it.

3. Lack of functioning brain cells. Something hilarious or adorable or important happens, and I think, wow, I need to write that in my blog so everyone knows that Romelie said such-and-such or Cori learn how to blankety-blank. And then I sit down at the computer...and I can't think of a single thing to write. I blame this problem on reason #5 above, but it's still not the best excuse. So while I'm thinking about it, I should tell you that Cori started eating solids about a month ago. So far she's had homemade baby food made from acorn squash, apples, banana, avocado, sweet potato, pear, and baby rice cereal. Saturday she had plum for the first time and wasn't a fan. Next up - peas and tofu. Mmmmm! She doesn't sit up by herself yet, but I think she'll be crawling in the next few weeks. She already army crawls like a champion, and she can push up with her hands and get up on her knees, but not simultaenously. And she does a side plank. For those who haven't been taking a boot camp at Bally's since January, it looks like this: As for Romelie, she has favorite songs that are not off of her Toddler Tunes or Yo Gabba Gabba CDs. Thanks to her dad, Romelie's favorite songs include Shakira's "She Wolf," Waylon Jennings's "Big Mamou," and "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot. She even knows the words to this one.

2. Better weather. Who wants to sit at a computer when the sun is shining? Romelie has new outdoor toys as well, including a wiffle bat and balls and a big-girl bike with training wheels. She has a tough time on it because without enough momentum, she ends up pedaling backwards, which is the brake on kid bikes, and then gets frustrated. She'll learn.

1. My grandpa. My mom's dad, Gene Schwantz, has been sick for a number of years now and had gotten especially bad in the last 6 months or so. Two weeks ago he was moved into hospice care, and on Friday morning, he passed away. His family was able to see and spend time with him before Friday, including my brother Paul and my cousin Josh who flew out from St. Louis and North Carolina, respectively, to see him. We love and miss you, Grandpa.

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