Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy legs

Cori has happy legs.


I'll explain. You know how when your dog is just laying around, but then you say his name and he looks up at you and starts thumping his tail on the floor? Cori does this, but she wags her leg instead. I'll be carrying her around on my hip, and she'll be pretty calm, just watching the world. Suddenly, Dada comes in the room, or Romelie says something from her bedroom, and Cori gets a big smile on her face and she starts pumping her leg.

My kids are so goofy.

It's been a pretty good week. I'm back at work and fully into the swing of things, teaching and starting up field trips. Last week was my long volleyball week (3 games plus an all day Saturday tournament that lasted nearly 10 hours!), so now we're over halfway throught the season. Chason and I went to see Ben Folds play with the MN Orchestra on Saturday night, which was pretty awesome. He's an amazing performer and it was a lot of fun to watch/hear him play and listen to him talk and tell stories. As I might have expected, one of the highlights was his rendition of "Rock This Bitch." This is a request he usually gets for a song that doesn't really exist; instead, he makes up a song as he goes along, using whatever words, genre, etc. that he feels like. And in this case, he improvised a song using the entire orchestra. Which was awesome.

Hey, someone filmed it and put it on Youtube! This is what we saw (though from further back).

Ben Folds = so good.

Romelie and Cori have decided on their Halloween costumes, by the way. Cori is going to be a mouse (okay, I decided that), and Romelie has chosen to dress as a cat. So I swear I didn't plan it, but my kids will be dressed as a cat and a mouse for Halloween. I expect lots of candy for the cuteness which will be oozing all over October 31. And as a bonus, I won't be going into labor hours afterwards this year. In your face, 2010!

No new Cori health updates. Everything is the same - still giving her the medicines, they're still having no effect. On the plus side, we've discovered that Cori sits pretty calmly for the nebulizer if "Animaniacs" or "Sesame Street" is on the TV, so my baby gets to watch about 20 minutes of TV a day (10 in the AM, 10 in the PM). Take that, American Academy of Pediatrics; YOU nebulize a baby twice a day and see what that does to your "no TV for kids under the age of 2" recommendation.

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