Saturday, September 10, 2011

The teenage years are gonna suuuuck...

Romelie rolled her eyes at me tonight. I kid you not. Rolled her eyes.

This was after a long day of backtalk. I believe I've talked about this issue on the blog before; it's when I say something to Rom and she says it back to me in a rude tone of voice. "Rom, don't stick your finger in my face." "You don't stick YOUR finger in MY face!" "Don't backtalk me." "YOU don't backtalk ME."

There have been a lot of timeouts in the last two days.

Tonight, after a timeout, I was telling her about why it's important to talk nicely, especially to adults, and how adults don't usually tolerate rude behavior from kids, and she rolled those eyes right up to the sky.

How do kids even learn this sort of thing anyway?

Cori had a rough-ish day too (three 30-min naps instead of one or two good naps), because she kept waking herself up with this damn cough. I'm telling you, 10 days of new meds, no improvements, actually makes the cough worse...I'll give it the doctor's requisite 30 days, but I don't know what they're going to say next. We can't just keep trying different reflux and asthma meds forever, right? (Right??)

On a funnier note, Rom wanted to go outside to swim in her tiny, tiny pool this afternoon, and we said okay. Chason was downstairs with Cori, and I went to get a few things to take outside. When I came back, Rom had already gone outside. I went out to find her, and she was butt-ass naked, running in circles around her pool.

So I took her picture.

Take that, teenage Romelie!

(Okay, because my camera isn't working right, I have a disposable camera that I've been using the last couple weeks. Remember those? I'm almost through the roll, so I'll be able to post pictures again soon.)

And my final youtube video. I'm sure everyone has seen this one, but I friggin' love it. It brings tears to my eyes; I can't explain it.

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