Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wait...did I forget to do something yesterday?

Oh yeah...I was supposed to have a baby!


So here's the update for everyone: I had doctor's appointment this morning and found out that I'm about 1 cm dialated, my uterus is tipped further forward than it was, and I'm slightly more effaced - which means my cervix is more thinned out than it was. But I'm definitely not in labor or anything. In fact, I'm at work - which is kind of a bummer since I'm supposed to be on maternity leave at this very moment!

The important news that you'll want to know is that they scheduled me for an induction. I'll have my final doctor's appointment on Tuesday, Nov. 13 in the morning, and he'll check to see if I'm any further along...try stripping the membranes again...and if it doesn't happen naturally, I'll be induced on Thursday evening, Nov. 15.

Now, this is still not certain. Besides the fact that I may still go into labor before then naturally (and I certainly hope I do!), the induction could always be postponed. I'm supposed to call the hospital around 4:00 on that day and they'll tell me what time I should come in (probably around 6:00 or 7:00 pm), but if there are a ton of women already at the hospital giving birth, then my induction would be postponed because natural childbirth wins over "elective procedures." But it sounds like it would MOST likely only be postponed to, say, Friday morning and not 4 days later or anything.

So IN THEORY...I will be in labor one way or another within the next week or so. And then there'll be a baby. I suppose I can wait 7 more days...I just hope I won't have to!

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