Sunday, November 25, 2007

Womb Sounds Bear and other joys

Ahh, Womb Sounds Bear, I will never mock you again.

For those who do not know what I'm talking about, Womb Sounds Bear was a gift from my mom. She came to my five-month ultrasound appointment with me and met me with a gift - this fuzzy bear with a knob on his back, and when you turn him on, he makes noises that are supposed to sound like what the baby heard inside the womb - hence, it's calming to a newborn baby because it is familiar to them.

Well, I mocked my mom quite a bit for this odd gift. I also left it at work for the remainder of my pregnancy (mostly because I was just too lazy to bring it home) and would occasionally turn it on in an attempt to freak out my co-workers.

I most humbly and sincerely do apologize to my mom and to the makers of Womb Sounds Bear. We started using it two nights ago, and I'm not kidding - it works like magic. I mean, it won't soothe her to sleep if she's wide awake, but sometimes she'll be sound asleep, and we'll lay her down in the bassinet as gently as possible, and within five minutes she's awake and crying, but with Womb Sounds Bear, once she's asleep - she stays that way. For at least a couple of hours. Now Womb Sounds Bear shuts off on its own after about 30 minutes, but it does the trick. So thank you, mom, and thank you Womb Sounds Bear. You are amazing.

In other news, Romelie lost her umbilical cord this morning. Gross. We had absolutely zero intention of saving this yucky piece of flesh, but I felt like I had to do something to commemorate the event, so I took a picture. Which I will now share with all of you. So you can revel in the ick.

And finally, we dressed Romelie in her Sunday hat today in honor of the Vikings. Mom also tortured the poor kid by dressing her in her Sunday sweater as well (which might fit her next season but is definitely too big this year - it's from when my brother Paul and I were kids...), but we took that off after the photo op. Since Romelie was born, the Vikings are 2-0. Chason says if the Vikings win the rest of the games for the season, she'll have been their good luck charm, and we'll have to change her middle name to Vikings. I told him it could be a nickname. That he uses. In his head.


Justin said...

Danni -
This blog of yours has been truly informative. It has provided me with insights, both interesting and eyeopening. This latest insight was, to put it frankly, gross. The umbilical cord just falls off?! I thought it was trimmed at the hospital and what remains transforms into a cute little belly button. Unless of course it was not trimmed properly in the first place, where what should have been an inner becomes an outie because they didn't trim enough off in the first place. You have completely and totally throw my conception of belly button formation in to complete disequilibrium. I am completely and utterly confused.

Anonymous said...

Can I have a womb sounds bear too? I've been having trouble sleeping lately...
- Erika

Danni said...

Justin, that made me giggle for about 5 minutes, seriously. Granted, I don't sleep a lot.

Erika, you can totally get a womb sounds bear, but you'd have to go to Walmart, so you'd have to weigh your choices a bit. I need to take a closer look at that bear soon, too - I don't know how to change the batteries, and I must find out before it becomes an issue...

Anonymous said...

Au contraire:

We use an "ocean noises" CD for Isaac - I'm so glad we backed it up onto mp3. He listens to it on repeat all night every night - the CD broke in half!

- Erika

e said...

Today we had several field trip crises and we could have used Womb Sounds Bear to sooth Steve to sleep. He was requesting a handgun. How could you have taken it away from us?!
Oh, and I need to know why you have a mask over your face in one of the "labor" photos.
And we want pictures of Paul and Romelie!

Danni said...

Yay for field trip crises! If it makes you feel any better - batteries died on womb sounds bear at the 3 am feeding Thursday night. Unhappy Danni.

The mask is for oxygen - because baby's heartbeat had been dropping during contractions, they gave it to me before I started pushing to try to keep the heartbeat from going too low. Not really sure of the science behind that, but I trust the doctors who got the 23-inch baby out of me safely :)

I'm planning on brining Romelie by work sometime next week, probably Tuesday during field trips (maximum number of employees present then!). So you can see her in person then :)

I still need to get pictures of my mom, stepdad, and Paul up there...hopefully soon.