Friday, November 2, 2007

Ready to say goodbye to this belly?

These oh-so-attractive pictures are from The Bakken's halloween event, The Big Boo, held last Friday night. I am supposedly dressed up as some sort of rag doll. Others suggested I looked more like a rodeo clown, Ma Kettle, or a white trash prostitute. Thanks, co-workers.

This lovely bit of imagery on the right is me teaching the Monster Mash to some not very well behaved children in front of their even-less-well-behaved parents. I was very excited to get out of there that evening.

Supposedly five days to go...but my doctor's appointment this morning showed I haven't progressed much since my last appointment 8 days ago. I know I have enough patience left for the next five days, but I make no guarantees after that...

**Added 11/6/07: Just as a frame of reference - here's a picture of me working a different event at The Bakken Museum on 3/17/07. I'm already a month pregnant in this picture - but here, I'm 50 pounds lighter. And not dressed like a doofus. I seriously can't wait to wear normal blue jeans again. Or any pants with a button and zipper.

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