Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A visit to Wisconsin and a fight

For Labor Day weekend, my mom, Romelie and I went to Spring Green, WI, to visit my brother and his girlfriend Carrie and see their shows at American Players Theatre. Romelie was very well behaved for the 4.5 hour drive (closer to 5.5 on the way out there – traffic was not our friend), and she was generally pretty good for everyone. Paul found a couple of babysitters from the company to watch her so mom and I could see the plays, and she was reportedly very well behaved for them, which was a relief. Other than her grandparents and Crystal, she’s never really had a babysitter before.

We had a great time in Wisconsin. Romelie’s big into separation anxiety, so she cried nearly every time Paul picked her up (sorry!!), but she had a lot of fun with him, too, and it was great to get to know Carrie a little bit better. They were fantastic in the shows (we saw “Henry IV,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Belle’s Stratagem”) and we ate really well – quiche and ribs and s’mores and banana bread and all sorts of home-cooked treats. I remember when I used to cook…now Chason and I eat pizza three nights a week. Sorry, hubby. Anyway, Paul took lots of pictures but I forgot to get them from my mom before she went home so I don’t have any to post yet – but I’ll get them up later, don’t worry.

Also, yesterday Romelie got into her very first fight. Yup, you heard me right. One of the girls in her daycare tried to steal her bottle yesterday while Jen was changing the diaper of another little one (the girl is about 13 months, so she wasn’t being mean or anything…just saw a bottle and decided she wanted it!). Well, Romelie wasn’t about to give up her bottle and fought for it, so they ended up scratching at each other. Romelie’s smaller, so she got the worse of it. Jen felt really bad, but I understand she can’t be there every second. And it could’ve been worse but it wasn’t, and Romelie’s fine, so what can you do? My little Rocky…getting in fights…

Finally, Romelie has been doing this spitting thing for months now, but I finally managed to get a video of it yesterday. It's really cute except when she does it with a mouthful of food.

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