Monday, October 6, 2008

Immunities, Houston, and style

Romelie puts everything in her mouth. Everything. Toys, cat fur, almost a dead bug yesterday, and last night at church, she put these blocks in her mouth that must be covered in germs (they’re these political build-a-sentence wooden blocks, and she put at least six of the eight right in her mouth). Gross. Building up immunities, building up immunities…

We just had a good weekend with our little germ eater. We went on a walk on Saturday (got to get those in before it gets too cold), watched some football, went to church(es), and – oh yeah – booked flights to Houston!! That’s right, baby, we’re going to Houston in less than two weeks! It was a bit impromptu, but there were reasonably-priced direct flights available. So we’re going from the Oct. 18-21, and we’ll get to see Steve and Angel and Crystal (and her play!) and Bronwyn/Shane/Greta/Torin and it’ll be awesome! And I hear from Crystal that the air conditioners are still running in Houston (whereas we just turned on our heat in good ol’ MN) so Romelie will have one last opportunity to sport her summer gear.

Speaking of clothing (random segue, but I’m all over the place this morning), Romelie got some new duds finally. I got her a plethora of size 12 month fall/winter clothes, including some footy pajamas, fuzzy sweatpants, and other cute outfits at Children’s Place. Man, that store is overpriced considering how quickly she’ll grow out of these clothes, but I had a gift card, so everything I bought only cost me $4. And Grandma Carol got her a few outfits last week (including some Vikings onesies and a few Halloween outfits), so Romelie will be looking stylish for the fall. I now have three bins labeled “outgrown clothes.” I don’t want to get rid of anything yet since we plan on having another baby eventually, but I can see this getting ridiculous by the time baby #2 comes along.

I think that covers the last week or so.