Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser

So I’m a big ol’ loser for even admitting this, but I’m totally addicted to this show. It’s in its fifth season, I believe. I watched season 3 and enjoyed it, but opted out the next year because I figured I didn’t need to become addicted to a reality TV show. Well, I decided to watch again this time because I, too, am eating right and working out, so I thought it would be fun to see how much weight I can lose over the course of the show. So far I’m up to 6.4 pounds! (Applause welcome.) But it’s my Tuesday night indulgence, and it’s TOTALLY worth it – the show this season is CRAZY. Seriously, if you enjoy reality television at all, you should really be watching this show.

Enough of that. You will be happy to know that the digital camera has been found. YAY! So feel free to scroll down to “A Very Barfy Christmas” to see a couple cute photos from Maryland and to check out some awesome videos as well.

I don’t have a ton of news to share. We just got through some seriously cold days here in MN – it didn’t get above zero degrees for three or four days, and most of the time the temp hovered around twenty below. It was pretty awful. It did warm up a little on Saturday, though – enough for us to take Romelie sledding for the first time! We went with Scott and Amber, my church pastors, and their daughters Kaiya and Abrea. We couldn’t stay out too long because it was still pretty nippy, but Romelie seemed to sort of enjoy herself. At least for a little while.

We also got to see our friends Ellen and Scott on Monday night now that they’re back from their year and a half spent touring the world in Up With People. It was nice to catch up with them – they’re amazing folks.

I promise to do something really fun and exciting in the next week so I have some truly captivating stories to share next time around. For now, here’s a video of Romelie playing with Julia, another girl her age that was at morning church daycare for the first time last week. Not totally exciting, but it’s what I’ve got, so enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I loved hearing that sweet little voice picking up every word. She is saying things so clearly!
The videos are wonderful Danni as it makes her seem closer.

Miss you guys a bunch!
Diane (aka:grandmommie, Mom)