Monday, January 5, 2009

New year, new ring, new tooth, new pics

Boo Vikings losing in the first round of the playoffs yesterday. I don’t want to talk about it.

I need a 2009 calendar. For 2008, my boss Nate gave me this awesome calendar that he was given as a gag gift. It was called “Sweet Peas and Sugar Bears,” and it featured pictures of babies and puppies. It was so disgusting, you almost couldn’t call it cute. But I relied on that calendar to know the date every day, and without it, I keep glancing over at my blank wall (and by wall, I mean cubicle divider).

News: I re-purchased my wedding band from ShaneCo this weekend. Unfortunately, they no longer make my engagement ring setting. I was pretty disappointed, but there’s still hope – they’re going to check with their jewelers and see if they can have it special ordered. Cross your fingers. I worked a lot of extra hours to save up for this, and I do NOT want a new ring; I want what I was foolish enough to lose in the first place.

Romelie has a fourth tooth! Chason discovered it in Maryland. We didn’t even notice it coming in, which means she must have handled it like a trooper. It’s the top left tooth, not the middle one but the next one over. So now she has the bottom two middle teeth and the top two second-to-middle teeth. Which means her teeth are still pretty useless since she doesn’t have any on the top and the bottom that overlap – so no biting.

And don’t expect new photos for a while; our digital camera is MIA. Our pics from Maryland are on the camera, so if we find it, I’ll post them. In the meantime, you’ll have to content yourself with our New Year’s pictures from Crystal’s camera phone. I did make it until midnight this year, but I was away from Chason and Romelie, so even though I was with my best friends, I missed my family a lot. There’s something to be said for just kissing Chason and the baby goodnight, snuggling under the covers, and getting a good night’s sleep. Everyone welcomes in the new year in their own way.

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