Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super cute things that Romelie does

Some of these are things that are only cute now because she’s just started doing them. By the time she’s two, they may not be cute; they might be annoying. But for now – adorable.

1. Sometimes she says “no” in response to a question. Whether or not she actually understands the question is really up for debate. But sometimes she goes “No no no no no no no!” And it’s just a little whiny but she’s not crying or screaming, so it’s adorable.

2. She has learned a new word: Mine. Except she doesn’t say mine, she says “my.” You take a toy away from her – “My!” You start to put her coat on her – “My!” Jen says she learned it at daycare (there are 2 and 3 year olds there, so she hears it a lot). Again, won’t be cute later, but cute right now.

3. She tries to lick Chason’s nose. It’s a game. He lies on the couch; she lies on top of him on her belly and tries to lick his nose. When he turns his face, laughs, or says “Ew,” she giggles like a madwoman.

4. She has started talking to me during breastfeeding. It goes something like this: nurse, nurse, nurse. Pause. Look up at me. “Ma?” “Yes, dear.” “Ma?” “Yes, Romelie.” Pause. “Ack begye gop.” “That’s right.” Nurse, nurse, nurse. Pause. Look up. “Ma?” And so on. Makes me giggle like a madwoman.

5. She loves Jeffy. I mean, she loves that cat. And he has a reasonable amount of tolerance for her. So when he’s sitting on the couch, I pick her up and sit her next to him. She giggles, then she hugs him, then she throws her entire body on top of him and snuggles. I feel a little bad for the cat, but it’s just too darned sweet. And it’s better than what she used to do, which is pull his hair.

6. She dances. Grandpa Dan got her a toy for Christmas that is a combination piano, ball drop with sound effects, and book with singing. Okay, that’s a terrible description and I’m sure you’re very confused; suffice it to say, she loves it. Well, when you turn the book one way, it plays a short instrumental song. When you turn it the other way, it plays one of two songs with a woman singing about bedtime or dancing. She has figured out that if she turns it one way and then quickly turns it back the other way, she can just listen to the singing over and over – so that’s what she does. And as soon as the singing starts, she looks up at us with a big, proud grin and starts swaying back and forth to the song. Cute, cutie patootie.

No new pictures to add; the camera is still MIA. But hopefully this blog entry has given you a few mental images to put a smile on your face today.

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Molly said...

Definitely a big smile. I love imagining you saying "Yes, dear"!