Monday, June 22, 2009

Long awaited updates

Since I can't get the video of Romelie's dedication (6/7) up, I'll just tell you that it was short, sweet, and kind. Scott said nice things, Chason and I dedicated Romelie to God, the church community (and our family and friends in attendance) offered their support, and they gave her a tiny Bible. Romelie cried, but it was cute. And there were balloons. Afterwards, some of us went to dinner at Baker's Square where Romelie did her impressions of a businesswoman hard at work.

My mom and Paul took Romelie for three nights up to my mom's home two weekends ago (before the dedication). So Friday night, we hung out with Rachel and Allison, two friends who were visiting from New York, as well as CRYSTAL!! (Who was in town for the week doing the senior all-night gigs with me. See awesome picture of us as gypsies.) Saturday morning I woke up feeling horrible. Nauseous, dizzy, with occasional stomach aches. When it didn't go away by Monday (6/8), I went to the doctor who then sent me to the hospital for a CT scan. Turns out I had a cyst on my ovary rupture...which is apparently no big deal. It hurts, but it's fine once it's happened. At least in my case. Which kind of stinks because if I'd just ignored it, the pain would have been gone by Monday night. Instead, I get to pay for the tests out of my $1000 deductible. Boo. Then the following weekend, my hip started hurting really badly. Like, I limped for two days. I considered going to the hospital for X-rays, but really, I couldn't bring myself to go back less than a week later. So I just ignored it and it got better. I can still feel it a little, but I'm working out again without major incident, so I'm hoping it's okay.

We spent a couple afternoons visiting with my dad, Grandma, aunt, uncles, cousins, and cousin's kids (what are they? First cousins once removed? Second cousins? I'll never figure it out). Managed to get a couple good photos of the cousins' kids (thanks, Dad).

Let's see...ah, the CD incident. Romelie has this one (awful) CD of toddler tunes that she listens to every day. I had taken it out of the CD player for her trip up to Gramma Carol's and I couldn't find it. So I just put a different CD in the player and went to go look for it. Couple minutes later, still couldn't find it, went back into Romelie's room only to discover that she was holding onto a third CD...and that CD was missing a tiny but sharp-looking piece. Searched EVERYWHERE. Couldn't find it. Asked Romelie if she ate it - she said Yes. Debated whether or not to take the toddler's word for it considering she probably didn't even understand the question. Called the doctor. Very unhelpful. But in the end, he said that I could take her in for X-rays but the diagnosis would be the same whether she'd swallowed it or not - wait for her to pass it on her own and watch for obvious signs that it was doing any damage. Opted to skip the hospital. Was paranoid for a couple days (got to dig through a couple poopy diapers for evidence, not fun), and in the end, I believe/assume she didn't eat it. But still don't know where that missing piece could be...mysterious...

More updates: the night out on the town! Woo-hoo! My dad watched Romelie last Friday night (6/12) so Chason and I could go with Crystal to see Lauren's show at the Brave New Workshop. The show was fantastic, and afterwards we ladies went out dancing. Which I've never really done before. It was fun and laid back - not a scary club atmosphere, just a fun, not-too-crowded place with mostly good music. We had a friend Joe take some pictures of us wearing matching hats that were inexplicably in his car. Thanks, Joe. Good times.

More and more signs that Romelie is allergic to, or at least semi-intolerant of, eggs: she vomited Sunday morning (6/14) after a delightful breakfast that included scrambled eggs. I can list dozens of times she's eaten eggs or things that contain eggs with no problems, but I can also list at least three times when she's vomited very shortly after eating them. Any ideas as to what that means? At any rate, once she cleared her stomach, she was just fine.

FINALLY...we've been enjoying the wonderful outdoor weather we've had lately. We got a little plastic pool for Romelie to splash around in. We spend plenty of time playing on her little slide and with her backyard toys. And we've started to attend local festivals, family nights, and other social events in the neighborhood. In this picture, we went to the Fulton neighborhood festival where we ate cheap hot dogs and free ice cream, and then we made a poster of what we love about living in Fulton. Romelie was enjoying seeing all of the dogs in the park, so we made a poster about that. Incidentally, we live in Armatage...but they never really asked, so I didn't figure it mattered!

I could update on the last week (more aunts, uncles, and cousins in town, Father's Day fun, the start of summer camp at The Bakken, and Romelie's first day of music class), but this blog entry is LONG enough. So check back for more updates later!

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Danni -- You look HOT in the about-to-go (or just-came-back-from?) the club photo. Way to kick that baby weight's butt. Have been admiring your blog from afar and checking in on the latest Romelie news occasionally. You can come visit me at