Friday, June 5, 2009

When you're sittin' in your chevy and your pants are feelin' heavy...

Guess who had 5 days worth of diarrhea? No, it was not me. Gross. But it was Romelie. Which is still gross. She had some hints of it starting on Thursday evening but it didn't really get disgusting until Sunday. Since she has to be diarrhea-free for 24 hours before returning to daycare, I ended up staying home with her on Monday and Tuesday of this week. While I hadn't really planned on missing work like that, we did have two pretty fun days. She wasn't really feeling or acting sick or anything, so we still got to play outside and watch a movie (Bolt - super cute) and she just had to eat the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) for about 48 hours which made cooking really easy. I was also able to get a few home projects done that we didn't get to on Saturday (everyone should check out our bathroom if and when you see it - it is sparkly beautiful!). And she's happy and healthy now, so we're in the clear.

Let's see...she had fun at my dad's house Friday night into Saturday. She can now count to five thanks to counting balls and paintbrushes in his backyard (see photo), though she only does it when she feels like it, of course.

Saturday night we went to my friend Darcy's farm in Wisconsin. Romelie took a pretty big spill - went over backwards in a chair, very very scary - but she didn't really hit her head at all and was fine after just a minute or so of crying. She was even strapped in to a booster seat. This kid is so good at falling, I swear, the hair just keeps getting grayer and grayer. On the fun side, Darcy is not only an awesome person and friend, but she also has adorable lambs, a big giant llama named Tony, numerous cats, and two fun dogs that like to play soccer and are surprisingly good with toddlers. Romelie started out pretty cautious around all the animals (and around Darcy, too), but by the end she was trying to body-slam the lambs (we didn't let her, don't worry), throwing the soccer ball to Mindy the dog, and crawling all over Darcy.

And finally, on Monday night we went over to Kevin and Nicole's house for dinner. While we were there, Romelie started wondering where Chason was (he was outside). So she began calling for him. But she didn't call for Daddy like she normally does. It was so funny to me that I decided to try to get a repeat performance out of her the next day, and for once she actually obliged me. So here is Romelie with her new name for Dada. For the record, Chason doesn't think this is nearly as cute as I do. But I'll let you judge for yourself.

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Cutest thing EVER!!