Thursday, June 18, 2009

Romelie's Dedication! (was nearly two weeks ago...)

Lots has happened in the last few weeks, including...

* Lots of visitors including Paul, Crystal, some friends from New York, my Uncle Joe and Aunt Roey, cousins Maureen and Steven, and Maureen’s adorable daughters
* A visit to the hospital (me, not Romelie)
* A “Did Romelie eat a tiny, sharp piece of a CD?” incident (though we may never know for sure, all signs point to “No”)
* A night out on the town (again, me, not Romelie)
* A vomiting episode (Romelie, not me…unrelated to the above bullet point)
* A random hip problem (me)
* Lots of counting (everyone!)
* New words and sounds (Elmo, monkey sounds, and words that sound like swearing but aren't, such as "fork" and "sit," top the list)
* A backyard pool! (Romelie-sized, not grown-up sized)
* Summer neighborhood funtivities
* And much, much more!

Care to hear all about it? Too bad…I’m going to bed! I swear, I’ll fill everyone in on all of the above soon (I have TONS of photos to share). But for now, here’s a video that Paul took of Romelie’s dedication from Sunday, June 7 at Corner Church. My mom and dad, Paul, and Crystal were all in attendance. I was feeling pretty sick that night (see bullet point number two above…more details to come), but it was a good evening.

UPDATE: okay, I've tried to upload this video three times and it won't upload. I think it's just too big. Sorry! I'll try again later...

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