Friday, October 29, 2010

One week late...

...and no one took me up on my bet. Dang, I could be rich by now! But I suppose I'd still be pregnant.

On the plus side, Chason painted the kitchen last weekend...the dishes are pretty much all clean...the baby's laundry is washed and put away...I've even purchased a couple of Christmas gifts! Since I was technically supposed to start my 6 weeks of maternity leave on Monday, I'm not putting in a full work week this week (probably 30 hours when all is said and done rather than 40), so I've gotten a few other things done. That's good, right?

Argh, I'm anxious. Unfortunately, I shared a few of my anxieties with my doctor on Monday, and since then I've had to do two non-stress tests (one at Monday's appointment, one this morning) and an ultrasound on Wednesday to check the baby's AFI (amniotic fluid index). All the tests have been fine. Baby's fine. She's just not showing up when she was supposed to, which is causing me anxiety.

So here's the update everyone is looking for: basically, the doctors will not let me go past 42 weeks. Period. They will induce before then. I have an appointment on Monday, and assuming baby hasn't arrived by then, they will call over to Methodist Hospital and schedule me for an induction sometime next week - before Friday. I'm going to suggest/request Wednesday, but there's no guarantee they'll take my suggestion. And it's of course still possible that my body could suddenly realize that it's not doing what it's supposed to be doing and go into labor on its own. But we'll see.

That's all I know.

Meanwhile, we have lots of fun plans to keep us busy this weekend. Romelie and I may go cheer on BSM's varsity volleyball team at Southwest High School tonight, and then stay for a Halloween party afterwards. Tomorrow my mom comes into town to wait this thing out with us. We need to carve pumpkins, which we'll probably do Saturday morning. We've been invited to a leaf crawl with some friends from church as well as a birthday party for Jen's daughter, Kaelin, at Build-a-Bear Workshop at the Mall of America Saturday afternoon / evening. Sunday will bring my first day attending church at Bryn Mawr (and Romelie's first day in the nursery without me...we'll see how that goes...), another Vikings game to look forward to and dread at the same time, and trick-or-treating with Romelie Sunday evening. Of course, if baby decides to come out today, then I'm fine scrapping all of those plans. But again...we'll see.

No new pictures...nothing else to share...back to staring at the clock...

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Molly said...

Thinking of you, and sending you good, relaxing thoughts!