Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work commitment countdown

Sunday, October 17 - last day at Bryn Mawr church
Monday, October 18 - last day teaching in a Minneapolis classroom
Tuesday, October 19 - last day of volleyball

Friday, October 22 - baby's due date according to my doctor
Monday, October 25 - baby's due date according to me

As far as I'm concerned, baby needs to stay where she is for one more week, but anytime on or after the 20th is fine by me. Is it too much to hope for just one more week of pregnancy? I'm ready to be done being pregnant!

To be fair, this trimester has been much easier than my 3rd trimester with Romelie. Last time around, I had horrible heartburn and acid reflux, carpal tunnel to the extreme so that I had to wear wrist guards, back and hip pain so bad I had to sleep on the couch...this time around, I feel more tired than I remember feeling with Rom (though the fact that Rom is here this time around could have something to do with it!) and I still get pretty nauseated in the morning. I don't throw up but feel like I could some days, so I have to lie down after eating breakfast until that feeling goes away. But comparatively, not too bad. All in all, I'm feeling healthy, and I feel lucky for that.

By the way, since I work with kids for all three of my jobs, here are some sound bites I've heard lately:

4th grade girl - Are you going to have a baby?
Me - I am.
4th grade girl - Is it a girl?
Me - She is.
All 4th grade boys in the class - Awww!!!! (As in "boo," not as in "aww fer cute!")

Random boy walking past me in the hallway at a school - Let me guess. You're pregnant.
Me - Yup.
Random boy to his friend - Knew it. (Like I'm trying to hide it?)

Random boy on a field trip to the museum - You look pregnant.
Me - I am. (Uh...thank you?)

Also, all of my volleyball players call me Waffles. Why? Because everyone got nicknames. I'm preggo. Like leggo my Eggo. Like Eggo waffles. Hence...waffles. And because I'm pregnant, the baby also gets a name - Chicken. Together we are Chicken and Waffles. Seriously, no one calls me Danni or Coach Dancer or just Coach...they call me Waffles. I kind of like it.

While we're on sound bites, here's one from Romelie that made me giggle recently:

Rom, pointing to a scratch on her face: I got an owie.
Me: How did that happen?
Rom: Pointer did it.

Translation - she accidently scratched herself with her pointer finger. Hence, it's Pointer's fault.

Romelie is a pretty funny kid. She has a memory like you wouldn't believe and she becomes fixated on the strangest things, so we really have to watch what we say to her. For example, one time I put on her coat and I said I wasn't going to button the top button because I didn't want it to pinch her neck. Now every single time we put on that coat - Mom, don't button the top button; I don't want it to pinch my neck. She also learned somewhere that green means go, yellow means slow down, and red means stop. Now I hear it at every single stoplight. Mom, the light's red - you have to stop. Green means go, yellow means--yeah, Rom, I get it. Thank you.

I've also started using the proper names for body parts, so she knows the words butt and vagina. I was using the phrase "girl parts" because of course she's only 2, but when we were potty training, I felt like I needed a real word to use with her to talk about wiping and stuff like that, so there it is. On the one hand, they're just words, and I have no problem with her knowing them. On the other hand, it was pretty embarrassing at church on Sunday when she returned from using the toilet and promptly told our adult volunteer, "Poop comes out of my butt, and potty comes out of my 'gina."

Yup. That's what she said.

Ah, almost three years old. Bring on the "kids say the darndest things" moments. I'm ready.

I did find my camera, but I've been slacking on the photo taking. I got a few pics this past Saturday, though. It's been unseasonably warm and gorgeous in Minnesota, so we've been able to spend time outside without having to get too bundled up. I got a few pictures of Rom playing in the backyard (see above and note the adorable hat/shirt ensemble - thanks again Nanny and Papa!), and then we headed to the MN Zoo. The animals were unusually active, so I got a few pictures of Romelie hanging with the beasts. My favorite moments were of Romelie and this little girl laughing at this leopard. The animal was pacing back and forth in front of the glass looking for all the world like it wanted to attack and eat these two adorable toddlers, and they're just laughing hysterically like it's the funniest thing ever. Totally brought me back to this moment from just over a year ago: http://dannidancer.blogspot.com/2009/09/busy-busy-busy.html - the picture of Romelie mocking the enormous tiger. Good to see some things don't change.

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