Monday, October 4, 2010

Three more weeks.. theory. Anyone want to take bets? I'm predicting I'll be late again, and I'll give good odds to anyone who wants to challenge me on that...

So starting with some great news: apparently baby is going to be a gymnast. Or a diver. Or a politican. Why?

She flipped. (Got all those brilliantly punny references now?)

I went in for my doctor's appointment last Tuesday (once a week appointments now, woo-hoo!). Dr. McEvoy did the belly pushing routine and was hopeful that she was feeling baby's butt up...but couldn't tell where the head was, so it was still possible that she was transverse breech (aka sideways, which I'm pretty sure she was for a while at least, based on the movements I was feeling). Went in for the ultrasound early Wednesday morning and was told - yay! She's head down. Just where she needs to be.

This means no version, which is great cause I hear they can be pretty uncomfortable, but so much better than that, it means no scheduled c-section. This is not to say that something couldn't go wrong that leads to a c-section...but I get to at least start this thing the way I want to - naturally. As I have pretty much refused to be induced this time around unless I'm more than two weeks late (in which case they'll do it anyway because a whole bunch of complications/concerns come up at that point), I get to actually find out what it's like to just go into labor. Like you're supposed to.

Could always lead to an embarrassing moment (in the middle of teaching, at the grocery store, at an away game for volleyball, or any number of other awkward scenarios), but I'm not concerned about any of those. I'm just looking forward to going into labor. Is that weird? Probably.

In other news...very very busy with work these days. Between The Bakken and volleyball (not to mention my Sunday nursery job!), I'm on my feet a lot and I'm working very long hours, which means I'm super tired by the time I get home. Luckily my husband is a rockstar and keeps Romelie entertained when I need to crash at 7:30 pm, which happens more than I like to admit.

Also, I misplaced my camera for a few weeks (Hey, remember last pregnancy when I misplaced my wedding ring for a year and a half? This is better.), so I only have a few older photos of Romelie to share. But she's still cute even if there really isn't any context for them.

Speaking of whom, Romelie plans to be Tinkerbell for Halloween this year. To be fair, I offered the suggestion, but she seemed enthusiastic about it. She loves Tinkerbell. I've never seen it, and we don't have any Tinkerbell toys at the house (though there is one currently sitting in the trunk of my car - baby's gift to Romelie at the hospital), so I guess it's a daycare thing. I've tried to buy the costume at Target twice and they've been sold out both times, so apparently it's not just my almost-3-year-old who loves that rude little fairy.

Finally, speaking of presents for Romelie...yesterday I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Here's what she said (I kid you not): I want to play with my sister.

If I put that in a Hallmark movie, people would think it was too cheesy to be real. Sometimes being a parent really, really rocks.


Molly said...

Wow Romelie's birthday wish made me tear up a little. And when you were speaking of embarrassing going-into-labor moments, I was just thinking of how they make great stories to tell and retell Tiny Dancer #2 forever!

Crystal said...

Are you sure Romelie didn't say "I want to play with my baby sister Crystal?" I think you may have misheard her, much like you didn't recognize her love of Cool Ranch Doritos until she was at least three months old. The doritos thing aside, I still think she is so wonderful because of her rockstar mom and rockstar dad!! Also, you can tell Romelie, October 25 is the day to look forward to. =)