Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Romelie's First Birthday

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written, but the trade off (to those who like reading) is lots of news to share.

Starting with…Romelie’s first birthday! It was a low-key event. I did end up getting a free cake from Lunds thanks to the nice lady working who was willing to accept Romelie’s social security card in the absence of a birth certificate. My dad came over earlier in the day to cut up a tree branch that had fallen in our front yard, so he got to see her on her birthday, and then my mom came into town. We went to church where they sang happy birthday to Romelie, and then went home for the eating of the cake. Romelie chowed that cake – I probably gave her too large a piece, so I kept subtly stealing some of the frosting away when she wasn’t paying attention so she was on less of a sugar high, but still – lots of cake was consumed. She got a few cute gifts, including a winter coat, so she should be set for the cold which has officially arrived here in Minnesota. All in all, it was a nice day.

Monday was her one-year doctor appointment, and I’m sorry to say that although she appears healthy in most every other way, she’s pretty significantly underweight. She’s 30 ½ inches long, but she only weighs 19 lbs 12 ounces. If they weighed her correctly at her 9-month appointment, that means she’s only gained 4 ounces in three months. Ouch. So we’re trying something new – feed her silly. Because Romelie doesn’t seem to have a “full” signal, I have pretty much fed her a set amount that seems reasonable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now I feed her and feed her and feed her until it seems like she’s eaten a ridiculous amount of food – and then I breastfeed her until she decides she’s done. She usually ends up spitting up a little; hopefully that’ll ease up once her body adjusts to this new system of eating nearly to excess. Last night, for example, she had some breastmilk, then cheerios, then 3.5 ounces of green beans baby food, then almost an entire burrito, then two ounces of whole milk. That’s almost more than I can eat.

And finally, Romelie has three teeth now. Her two lower middle teeth have been in for a little while, but we just discovered a third tooth on Saturday. It’s the top right one, but oddly enough it’s not the middle one; it’s the next one over (if I knew more about teeth I could name it, but that’s as descriptive as I can be). So we didn’t even know she was teething when she was acting fussy and had a runny nose all week because the tooth that came in wasn’t one we were expecting. Ah well – we’re new parents and we’re learning something new every day, right? Right.

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