Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My brilliant child

Sometimes I have “it’s hard to be a mom” days (especially since Romelie started throwing fits a few weeks ago), and at other times I have “it’s great to be a mom” days. Yesterday it was great. So we’ll focus on that and save the tantrum info for the next blog entry.

Before I get to the heart of this, I just want to mention that we had a very nice four day weekend for Thanksgiving. We had fun at my dad’s house and got to meet my cousin Brandon’s baby boy, Chase. We had lots of yummy food (and yummy leftovers!) and then spent the next three days relaxing. Good times.

Back to the yay-for-being-a-mom. Yesterday, Romelie said a new word. I haven’t really talked about her speech habits yet on this blog, but I’m pretty sure she’s now up to five words – mama, dada, yeah, hi and bye. She’s said these words out of context a thousand times, but she’s also said them appropriately on a number of different occasions, so I have to assume she at least has a general idea of what they mean. If we’re getting picky, I think ‘dada’ was her first word – she’s been saying it the longest.

Well, yesterday her new word was ‘bye.’ We were leaving daycare and I set her on the floor so I could get my shoes on. She crawled over to the door and peeked through its window at one of the boys from the daycare who had just left.


Oh, that’s cute. She just made a sound like she was saying goodbye.


Pause. “Romelie, are you saying ‘bye’ to Raiden?”

She waves at Raiden. “Bye.”

Too cute. Then later we went home and she started in on her favorite thing: finding tiny fuzzies on the floor and putting them in her mouth. Normally, we have to force our fingers through her clamped-shut jaws to extract the fuzzy. But yesterday:

“Romelie, open your mouth.” She does – and promptly shuts it. “Open it again, please.” She does – and I get the fuzzy.

Needless to say, she was heaped with praise about being a good listener. To be fair, later in the evening when a new fuzzy found its way into her mouth, it was business as usual, but for that one glorious moment, she followed directions. Twice.

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