Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Very Barfy Christmas

We’re back from our trip to Maryland! We got to see aunts and uncles and grandmommies and cousins and great aunts and second cousins and all sorts of folks that we get to see all too rarely. I got some cute pictures and videos that I’ll put up on the blog later tonight for you all to enjoy.

The good: Spending time with family. Watching Greta and Romelie play side by side (though Romelie is so sensitive, she cried whenever Greta tried to hug her!). Warm weather – we were able to take Romelie for a walk outside, something we definitely cannot do in MN (it’s -8 degrees right now). Delicious food (too…many…cookies!). A new forward-facing car seat for our growing toddler. Victory for the Vikings (NFC North champions – suck it, Chicago!) And plenty of time for rest and relaxation. Ahhhh.

The not-so-good: An evil stomach bug came to visit on Christmas day and slowly worked its way through everyone but Chason and me. So I guess we can count ourselves lucky (I got sick with something for one day, but I didn’t barf so maybe it was psychosomatic) – but alas, Romelie was not spared. Puked all over herself around 2 o’clock in the morning halfway through our visit. Went to take her to the bathroom, only to discover that they were all full with Bronwyn, Shane, Torin, and Roy! Bad night all around. So that put the kibosh on any sightseeing for our trip. Which is okay – we’ll do it next time around. But then, for some unfair reason, Romelie got it again two days later on our flight home to Mpls. She blurped on herself during our layover at the Philadelphia airport, so we changed her into her back-up outfit, then she lost it again just as we were about to board the plane. So she had to ride home in her diaper until we could pick up our checked luggage. Poor baby. I must say, though, instead of gagging or being disgusted, people are very kind and helpful when you have a puking baby. Folks were offering wipes and sympathetic faces all over the terminal.

Now we’re getting back into the swing of things at home. Romelie’s back in daycare after the barfs were all gone. Our fantastic friend Crystal is in town and staying with us for the week, so I’m getting out of the house a bit. The weather sucks – Minnesota has apparently forgotten how to plow / salt the roads, because they are icy and slick and it keeps on snowing – but it’s good to be home. Romelie’s going to spend the night with Grandpa Dan so Chason and I can do a bit of New Year’s Eve celebrating (not all crazy-like, just trying to actually make it to midnight this year). I’ll have to work on some New Year’s resolutions so I have some goals to neglect in 2009. Take more pictures, maybe? I’ll think on it and get back to you.
Addition 1/19/09: Finally! The camera's been found, so here are the videos. Video number one - Romelie the musician:

And video number two - Romelie talks:

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Anonymous said...

Despite the barfing many did (like Danni, I too was spared) we loved every minute of the visit. Nine under the roof at one time was truly fine! Precious "Grand Angels", Torin, Greta and Romelie brought great delight to all. I love the wonderful parenting exhibited by Chason, Danni, Bronwyn and Shane. Dannie, you are an outstanding blogger! You guys rock!
Love you all, Grandmommie, Mom, Diane