Saturday, November 3, 2012

My beautiful Coraline

Clearly I have done a terrible job with the blog in the last year.  I have posted three times in 2012, and it's November.

I feel bad because we have wonderful family and friends who don't get to see the girls as often as I know they would like, and without regular updates they may feel like they're missing some important moments.

I feel bad because I find time to do other things like read and watch TV but don't seem to make time to update the blog, and that feels like a bad combination of lazy and selfish.

Mostly, though, I feel bad because of Cori.  I had always intended to share this blog with the girls when they're older so they can read all of the cute stories, trying moments, and childhood accomplishments that they no longer remember and go "awww..."  Romelie will have that opportunity.  Cori will be like, "What the hell, mama?  Where are my stories?"

Coraline beautiful, wonderful, charming, hilarious, strong-willed girl...happy 2nd birthday (yesterday).  I love you so much, and for you, I am determined to get back to updating this blog on a regular basis.

Family and friends, if you are still reading, that's just bonus.  :)

Here's as up-to-date as it gets:  a couple of videos of Cori taken just this morning.

There you go, Spanish learners.  "Hello" in Spanish is clearly "Ardr."  Speaking of my brilliant daughter, here is another video of her showing off her phone skills, her letters, and her numbers.

Hey...she just turned 2.  Whaddya want from her?  Love you, baby!

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